Monday, December 3, 2012

can i just explain?

i don't capitalize.
sometimes i start sentences with the word "then."
i use run on sentences.
i don't punctuate properly if at all. sometimes i end sentences with parenthesis at the end which i'm sure somewhere i've heard that's entirely improper.
i use "quotes" way too much.
oh, i also am never sure if the period to end the sentence is tucked in before the parenthesis or after. i'm sure at one time i knew.
i just don't care.

i am aware that i'm not a "writer" (there i go again but dontcha like how my parenthesis are not at the end of the sentence here??) and i'm aware of what i'm doing.
i have decided that just like e.e. cummings, i will be my own person.
don't get it twisted. i am not, in any way, comparing myself to e.e. cummings.
by the way, did you see how well i did in that last sentence with my comma's? whose catchin' on ova here?? huh? huh?
or did i do it wrong? (shrug)
you're still reading anyways.
i just don't care.

if i had to worry about all that and proofread myself then i can promise you i would delete the entire thing and never post. 

i write how i speak. sometimes i run on and on, explain too much, go off on trails, switch gears mid thought and sometimes never really have a point.
i mean, you should see all the yellow sprinklings of highlights when i hit the abc spelling check box on these work of art posts here. i just feel like so what? who cares?
i just don't care.


i know, nothing to do with anything but isn't it nice when someone tells you they like your face?