Monday, December 17, 2012

short stuff

ahh, it's monday.
im tellin ya i could hardly get myself up today.
yesterday was my 6th annual cookie exchange holiday party at my house and as usual we had a great time!
i say it every year, i know, but this year was the best. it's such a fun mix of girls.
oh, i would love to attack you with all the amazing photos but uh, yeah, my camera was doing everything wrong. it's suppose to be a great camera and i could probably pick up that manual some day and figure it out but who reads manuals??? 

but i do have this fun pic of me and one of my favorites!!!
yes those are our jazz hands- whats a par-tay without them?

so, today this post is much shorter than planned but whatcha gonna do huh?
alright people, go on now, get yer monday on. whatever that means.