Monday, December 24, 2012

wrappin it up!

can you believe it's here? it's finally time? my kids have asked EVERY DAY since december 1st if they could unwrap a gift. every dang day.
partially this is my fault and partially it's that hawaiians fault.

the hawaiian man cannot (cannot!) wait when he has a gift or a secret. he must tell. he must hint and he must let you open early. so, you see, the kids know this weakness and work it. every single day starting from december 1st.

i start wrapping as early as possible. 
it's amazing how 3 sets of little eyes can "happen" upon the areas of nestled gifts a'hiding but cannot find darn near anything else on a daily basis without yelling, "moooooooom", at the top of their lungs for help 3 rooms away!
so, i start early and then they see the boxes and little imaginations start to swell and soon the begging begins. 
oh, this year, they started in on the whole, "well, ya know the world is gonna end so if we wait then all your shopping and pretty wrapping will be for nothin'!" 

see, really it's both our faults.

this year i decided that i would not fizzle out on the gift wrapping. i would make every gift pretty. oh the begging that has ensued simply because of my feathers, bells, glitter and confetti! just for the record, it doesn't get any less annoying whether the gift is wrapped in beautiful paper and bows or snot. well, i didn't really wrap any gifts in snot, that was maybe a bad analogy. 

anyway, here are some of my fav's. 

i hope you all have a fabulous christmas eve and christmas day or whatever it is you celebrate!!