Monday, December 31, 2012

my exciting week off

i'm not the only one who takes sleeping and laying around seriously

what? huh?
it's already monday?
well, ya coulda told a girl a little earlier!!!

i've had the week off.
all together now (big deep breath...yay!!)
i've needed this week, could actually use more if ya wanna know the truth-i won't go into it but i needed it.

guess what i've done all week?
well, i did have a moment where i pulled myself together. by pulling it together i mean that i put a little baby powder in my roots to soak up the oil and put my hair in a nice messy bun to have date night with my biggest little and littlest little. we went to universal where we ate and then watched a movie. i was so happy to be back home in my bed by 10pm.
lame girl says whaaaat???

i think i went to the grocery store one of those days, or maybe i didn't. i can't recall really. i'm sure my kids some point.
i purposely planned nothing. nada. zilch. like, don't even bug me kids, phone, texts....

i laid in bed, i watched movies, i browsed the internet, i became one with my pajamas...i would probably be a bad stay at home mom but i was an awesome week off girl!
stellar performance by me, to say the least. feel free to submit me for any awards of this nature.

but it's new years eve and guess what we do for new years eve? we have people over. so, i plan on posting this here fabulous piece of reading material and then i will get on over to the grocery store and then clean my house just enough to have people over.

listen, i hope you all have a safe, happy and healthy new year. that first one is really important because so many people get ca-ray-zay and it just leads to no good.
sorry to get all mom on ya but ya know, it's how i do.

oh and this guy??? i'm so kissing him at midnight!!


now where did i put those party hats and stick on mustaches......