Sunday, June 24, 2012

bon voyage to me!!

know what i hate worse than packing? unpacking! can i really use the word 'hate' to describe packing or should i just be damn happy i get to pack and have a vacay?! 

yes, i am happy, so happy, so so happy, annoyingly happy!
just get the girl on the boat already happy!

but..... i can't think about unpacking yet coz i gots vacationing to do!
shane and i are heading out to get on a cruise ship and sail away to mexico for the week. we are meeting up with some really great friends and plan on having a wonderful relaxing time. kidless. yep, you read it right. no kids.

so i will *see* you all in a week-i will be the tan, smiling, relaxed girl in the sombrero- with a pair of maraca's hanging off my hips and possibly a luchador mask on.
stranger things i have done......

Friday, June 22, 2012

aloha friday

Aloha Friday
(Aloha Friday)

Definition: much like the casual Friday equivalent, it refers to the day of the week where the feeling is one of laid-back happiness and leisure, looking forward to the weekend. Often, businesses in Hawaii allow their employees to dress casually on this day.

Used In A Sentence: It’s Aloha Friday cuz! Where you like go dis weekend?
In English?: I can’t believe it’s Friday already! What do you feel like doing this weekend?

just in case ya didn't know......

so, let me sum up in 3 words (well, 4) why this week was awesome.
1. summer
2. mexico
3. true blood

yes, yes i know i talk about all those things above allllll the damn time.  but they all applied this week in major, get down, get dowwwwn ways.

school is out-summa is here!!
i will be cruisin to mexico in like, hours.
i got a call from the set designer of true blood who invited me on a private set tour yesterday. i got to see it all! i was most excited to check out the furniture i did for the set (already blabbed about here) and lemme tell ya, it was a good thing it was private (4 of us) coz i had full on super fan moments merlottes, in jasons apartment, sookies kitchen.... shameful really.

here's a few of my fav pics...

sookie's kitchen

sookie's porch

sookie's entry

more kitchen

where lafayette cooks

sam's office
MY SOFA'S!!! yeah! super secret meeting room

where erik used to sleep at sookie's

vampire holding cells
yay- my entry!

i tried to get better pics but they had filmed the day prior and the main lights were mostly all off on the sets that they don't use too often.  it was a really fun day for me-i loved seeing it all!

have a super week-end y'all!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

summa summa summatime!

smell that? that's summa yo!

cute blonde's dusted with freckles sporting
mirrored shades (and moms that know they are 
photo bombing in the mirrored lenses) shhhh....

thirsty flowers and sprinklers

sizzlin sidewalks beggin for little artists

melting cream

sunshine and leis

hula hips and bare feet

fruity drinks and friends

splashes and belly flops

bike rides and ring pops

beach blown waves and sun kissed highlights

coolahs-the only way hawaiians roll.....


this all only means one thing.....summa rules-everything goes!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

middle little walks the stage

so guess what today is? that's right the first day of summa'!
know what this means?
it means i made my last lunches yesterday for 2 whole months!
fist pumps all around y'all!!!

i wonder if any other mom hates making lunches like i do? all my kids like different things and all of them refuse school lunches-do i blame them?? not really.
but give a girl a break ova here with the brown paper bags already!!!

anyway, i have much more important things to talk about than smelly lunch sacks.
shane and i waiting for the ceremony to start

my man child graduated 8th grade yesterday-can i get a what-what???

here he is in all his 6 foot, 14 year old, size 13, ginger glory!!! i loves him!!

yeah diploma in hand!

yeah red!

i took a bunch of fun videos but really, who wants to watch viddy of my kid walking across a stage grabbing a piece of paper? so i will spare you all the 35 seconds of that and the girl that walked right through my video-love those clueless people!!

imma walk on over to high school now....

its hard for our fam not to travel with props

mom and kanoe

happy summer-now go jump in a pool!!!!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

whose your daddy?!

fathers day this year was a little different for us.

shane and maile had gone to seattle for the week-end and didn't get home til about 6:30pm. i waited and waited and waited ALL DAY and when they got here it was a happy time for me.

i like all my lil chickens (and my rooster) all home here in the nest you see. not having them here all week-end was very strange. very quiet and incomplete.

thursday night was no biggie, i stretched out in the bed, had one less, "you brushed your teeth right?" reminder (that'd be for maile not shane) and slept in this awesome snore free zone that was not too shabby.

friday was fine too, i missed my girl on our evening bike ride but knew she was having a blast with her dad. i was getting lots of pictures sent to me and it looked fun!

saturday started to get a little ho-hum and i really started to miss them both something pretty big.
my son and i hung out and had a great one on one day (which is rare) but all of the sudden my bed seemed way too big and empty-oh wait, that's not true, remember that 17 year old that has the umbilical cord still attached? yeah, she was right there next to me every night, snuggled in.

but then sunday came-father's day-and i got my fathers day dinner bbq all together, got my house all cleaned and keala and i went to pick up the rest of our fam at the airport.

we had a lil food, lil desert (yep, that lush made her appearance), talked, laughed, broke out the mustaches..... ya know, normal stuff for round these parts.

the girl bbq'd

gifts for the best dads in our life

u dub bbq set. how is it we didn't already have one?

some day that may say 'craft cave'....

the villian and the carnie
finger sniffers!

we mustache you a question...but were shaving it for later
i don't think he looks pissed???

like father like daughter....

yep, i guess that old apple tree saying applies huh???

Monday, June 18, 2012

what my phone saw this week...

there she goes again that phone! 
these pics are actually from a few weeks ago but i spent time linking up with other fab blogs so well, ya know, a girl gets distracted!

the cork board in my sons room- that kid with the football is his dad in junior high.....
memorial drawing on our fence in the backyard still there- i hope it stays all summer coz it's a beautiful remembrance!
that is NOT my husbands hand......
where we stayed in palm springs (ok, im done talking about it...until next time)
we got to watch a wedding from afar (more on that later....)
there is a lot to talk about here.
like how does the top hat not fly off?
is this the best form of travel with a large canine?
where is this dog's helmet?
is this a normal daily event or are they on a date?

questions, questions.......
do you think she came up with "catmanda" on her own? regardless, she pet sits. in case you need one.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

the last things thursday (13)

today i am gonna link up with the last things thursday (13)
i had other things planned to talk about but this one is just so much more fun!

watched: dog the bounty hunter
*i am thoroughly entertained by his hair. he really doesn't even need to hunt. i could just watch the trade winds blow his hair around the entire episode long. i love him.

ate: spam and eggs with a side of blueberries
*when you marry a hawaiian there are some things that are just part of the package.

SPAM and Scrambled Eggs

bought: buxom lip crayon from sephora. (color:barcelona)
*i borrowed a friends while in palm springs and fell in love. my lips owned it! i promised them their own crayon.

read: climbing the broken stairs
having the hardest time finding a good book to read right now. i hate dry spells.

Climbing the Broken Stairs, a Memoir (Paperback) ~ Frieda Annett... Cover Art

wanted: time and to be sitting on the beach in maui
want, want, want. sigh. want some more.....

baked: s'mores
this should be: baked then ate like a pig. coz i did.

blog i followed: finding beauty in the ordinary
http://www.findingbeautyintheordinary.comi  I just started following. very cute!

photo took: this dudes license plate
he saw me do it too. this was a moment where i wished i had my rhinestone glove in the car so i coulda held up my sparkling hand and he would have known i share in the bruthahood.

cried about: there was a girl on tv. she was getting married.

crafted: my succulent wall garden
my garden gal gave me 2 tips yesterday that will make it so i can hang my garden box NOW-no waiting 6 weeks for them to take root. yay!

loved on: this girl. my maile.
she is going on a trip with just her and her dad until sunday. i miss her already.

drove to: rite aid of course.
do your kids always "need" things from rite-aid? i'm there every day. every. damn. day.

app downloaded: foto editor-fotolr
my daughter said i needed it???

Best 5 iPhone Photo Editor Apps