Tuesday, June 19, 2012

whose your daddy?!

fathers day this year was a little different for us.

shane and maile had gone to seattle for the week-end and didn't get home til about 6:30pm. i waited and waited and waited ALL DAY and when they got here it was a happy time for me.

i like all my lil chickens (and my rooster) all home here in the nest you see. not having them here all week-end was very strange. very quiet and incomplete.

thursday night was no biggie, i stretched out in the bed, had one less, "you brushed your teeth right?" reminder (that'd be for maile not shane) and slept in this awesome snore free zone that was not too shabby.

friday was fine too, i missed my girl on our evening bike ride but knew she was having a blast with her dad. i was getting lots of pictures sent to me and it looked fun!

saturday started to get a little ho-hum and i really started to miss them both something pretty big.
my son and i hung out and had a great one on one day (which is rare) but all of the sudden my bed seemed way too big and empty-oh wait, that's not true, remember that 17 year old that has the umbilical cord still attached? yeah, she was right there next to me every night, snuggled in.

but then sunday came-father's day-and i got my fathers day dinner bbq all together, got my house all cleaned and keala and i went to pick up the rest of our fam at the airport.

we had a lil food, lil desert (yep, that lush made her appearance), talked, laughed, broke out the mustaches..... ya know, normal stuff for round these parts.

the girl bbq'd

gifts for the best dads in our life

u dub bbq set. how is it we didn't already have one?

some day that may say 'craft cave'....

the villian and the carnie
finger sniffers!

we mustache you a question...but were shaving it for later
i don't think he looks pissed???

like father like daughter....

yep, i guess that old apple tree saying applies huh???