Wednesday, June 20, 2012

middle little walks the stage

so guess what today is? that's right the first day of summa'!
know what this means?
it means i made my last lunches yesterday for 2 whole months!
fist pumps all around y'all!!!

i wonder if any other mom hates making lunches like i do? all my kids like different things and all of them refuse school lunches-do i blame them?? not really.
but give a girl a break ova here with the brown paper bags already!!!

anyway, i have much more important things to talk about than smelly lunch sacks.
shane and i waiting for the ceremony to start

my man child graduated 8th grade yesterday-can i get a what-what???

here he is in all his 6 foot, 14 year old, size 13, ginger glory!!! i loves him!!

yeah diploma in hand!

yeah red!

i took a bunch of fun videos but really, who wants to watch viddy of my kid walking across a stage grabbing a piece of paper? so i will spare you all the 35 seconds of that and the girl that walked right through my video-love those clueless people!!

imma walk on over to high school now....

its hard for our fam not to travel with props

mom and kanoe

happy summer-now go jump in a pool!!!!