Friday, June 8, 2012

a to the loha!

another aloha friday lookin us in the face, beggin us to spread the love and sprinkle our friends and family with aloha. 
don't let aloha friday down.

-i have a new client who is using my current color crush in her main living room. coral-red! yes! it's hard to talk clients into taking small risks with color but this fabulous gal looked at me and said, "yeah, sure, i love that color." then her equally cool hubby said, "yeah, sure." cool peeps!

-spent a really great evening with the mom. we got to hear from someone very dear to us and it was, well, what word is better than awesome? awesome is kinda my "go to" word. but it was better than that word. 
i guess i don't have words for this.

-i tried gel nails for the first time. i was so scared. really! i didn't want them to ruin my already paper thin nails. but i love love it and you should see the pretty (yep, you guessed it!) coral/red color my nails are sportin'!
so far so good but my thumb has a little chippage already-is this normal??

-i haven't been doing my pillow line in probably about a year. i just got busy and life did busy stuff as well and i guess i just took a break without even realizing in. but im back!!!!!
a few weeks ago i got re-inspired by a really cool map fabric and made a globe pillow for my clients little boys bedroom. How cute is this thing?!
 - created a few succulent boxes saturday and plan to hang them outside on the wall. im waiting for them to take root and so far they look really pretty. i will post soon on how i did this. much easier than i thought!

-finally watched 'rebel without a cause'. anyone else think grease got a little inspiration from this movie??? most awesome part of the movie??? when james dean holds a compact mirror up to natalie woods' face and asks her if she wants to see a monkey!! 
wow- the boys from the 50's had game huh? i'm still laughing!

-still have the circus afro song from madagscar 3 in my head. it's not leavin'. i sang it to shane even though he was faking sleeping last night and i sang it to my son when we woke up this morning.
sorry if i am gonna be around you in the next few days. you're gonna hate me.
da da da da da da da da da da , circus afro, circus afro, polka dot, polka dot, polka dot, afro! did i just pass it on? sorry.....

happy aloha friday friends! wear that circus afro and have an awesome day!!!