this is where i woo you, court you and hope i make a good enough
impression that you’ll wanna stick around and hang a bit. the pressure!
where to start?

maybe with my biggest accomplishment.
my hawaiian and my babies.

i married my high school sweetheart (awwww) and together we made 3
little hawaiian babies.
well, we made a hawaiian brunette, a hawaiian red head and a hawaiian
it happens….i guess i have some pretty strong genes. i’m also
not so sure i can call them babies still but are they ever NOT your babies

i spend my days as an interior designer and just sold a reality tv show to
style network. yaya! holla at your girl!

the show is about my brother and i as a brother sister interior design
team living in los angeles creating beautiful spaces and the dynamics of
working with your family.
we are the donnie and marie of design. i’m a little bit country-he’s a little bit rock and roll.
sure, i often wanna rip his head off and roll him up in a bolt of fabric but i can’t.
apparently it’s illegal in this state.

my blog is for fun. i’m not super enlightening in any way really.

i craft a little, design, bake a lot, and because ya gotta wear them every day
(people don’t take too kindly to nakedness in public) i wear clothes and
post outfits.

i’m a coffee lover
maui is my happy place
i’m a morning person
a momma
a wifey
a little sister
a favorite daughter(i swear i'm my parents favorite!!
shhh-don’t tell the others)
i’m no longer a granddaughter and havin’ a tough time with that one
i’m a positive spirit with an easy laugh
and a loyal friend.

anything i haven’t covered here you will have to come back
and read about.
so, uh, how’d i do? wanna stick around?

love and aloha- kp