Friday, April 26, 2013

rejection hurts

well, i was rejected. not just a little bit either.
like full on, we aren't even talking to you, you can't sit with us, mean girls style.
i know.
it hurts.

who brings craft scissors to court?

i had really high hopes for jury duty. you may recall how exited i got. if not, read up HERE, or you may not understand this post. 
i was never even spoken to. i watched them call people in sometimes 15 at a time as i continued to sit. one might say i was lucky but ya start to wonder what it is in your paperwork that makes them skip you. was it my hair?? because i have excuses for that....most days.

here are a few fun and not so fun facts about jury duty.

1. the chairs are dirty. like possibly someone soiled their pants on them dirty.

2. the bathrooms are surprisingly clean so you don't have to hold it for 2 hours like i did. that was dumb.

3. they make you watch a 15 minute instructional video on how to be a good juror. in said video, the narrator tells you (twice) there is absolutely no training or skill needed to be a juror. hmmmm. then why am i watching a 15 minute video on what to do and how to do it then?

4. jurors are paid a whopping $15 bucks a day. your pay ONLY starts on the 2nd day of service.
keep my $15 bucks and use it to update that damn video which was clearly shot in the 70's.
or don't. i don't care.

5. there is no hot tub on the roof. i repeat, there is NO hot tub on the roof.

6. the courthouse coffee isn't bad. beware of the weird "attorney" that hangs out and talks to you by the coffee machine. he is bad. trust.

7. quiet time (when you are reading that long awaited book) will be interrupted every 3 minutes with a dumb woman who has even dumber questions complimented by interesting hair. that was my way of saying her hair was well, bad. she should hang out with coffee "attorney".

8. bring earphones. so you don't hear them call your name, so what?! (shrug)
this dude has obviously been to jury duty. check out his "office" set up. pro.

9. when you are given a 30 minute break there is NOTHING to do.
you can go back to the coffee machine but mr. "attorney" is at his post.
you can leave but parking sucks and going in and out of security is a 10 minute ordeal and there is always someone who forgets there is a metal object in their pocket. duh!
so, after calculating the date as to when your last rabies shot was you take a deep breath and go to the bathroom.
you are surprised (see #2) so you take a mirror selfie because you can and you still have 27 minutes left on break.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

oh, it's time

remember when i got this wonderful jury summons in the mail??

well, i have delayed it once, made one courthouse location change and now i'm officially out of tricks. 
it's here. it's this week.

i called in sunday night and was told i didn't have to come in. yea!
i called last night and was told that i didn't have to come in. yea yea!

then i started to read the jury brochure a lil bit. i'm gonna admit right now it started to look a little fabulous.
like, wait a minute here, a full cafeteria on the 2nd floor? 
an hour and a half for lunch? whaaat? the last time i had an hour and a half for lunch was....oh yeah, nevah! i'm lucky if i even sit down for lunch, it's usually something fast as i shovel it in while standing over my keyboard, working.
oh but wait it gets better, dismissed for the day by 4:30. 
suggestions of bringing reading material. what? like a book? i get to actually sit and read a book? like scheduled quiet time? this is beginning to sound like a freakin resort up in here! 

maybe this won't be so bad right? heck, i plan on being the best juror in the entire city if i win this lucky lotto!! i might even wear my bathing suit under my clothes in case we get to go up on the roof for a break or something, wonder if they have a hot tub on the premises....
wish me luck!

Monday, April 22, 2013

wanna meet someone way cool?

today i am excited to get to introduce you to a blogger that you will all really love getting to know!

this girl is super savvy and smart when it comes to fashion. 
she completely knows how to be trendy yet classic and really gets that you don't have to spend a million bucks to look and feel like a million bucks. oh, and she has great hair (you know how i love me some red heads!) so already we love her right?!

i will say sorry in advance because you will spend a good amount of time over on her blog today reading her awesomeness. but hey, it's monday, take it slow and ease on into your week with my girl chelsea!
Hello all of Kendra's readers! My name is Chelsea and I blog over at Olive and Ivy, a lifestyle, fashion & design blog. I also dabble in blog design when I am not working my full time job of being a kayak instructor. I am super excited to be on Kendra's blog today reaching out to a new group of people that I haven't met yet!

Today I wanted to share a bit of my personal style with you lovely ladies. Getting dressed is one of my most favorite parts of the day. I love, love, love fashion and trying new things.. but here's the catch: I do it on the CHEAP. I like to keep my closet full of basic, classic pieces and mix in new, trendy pieces often. I hate wearing the same thing over and over, so I do my best to mix it up! I am very, very frugal with my clothes shopping and I personally prefer quantity over quality when it comes to clothing. I have a few staple pieces that I have spent a bit of money on for the quality, but when it comes to trendy pieces, I definitely stay on the cheap side. Because who says those polka dot skinnies are still going to be cool in a year?

This long cardigan was a super cheap buy at $15, the boots were part of a 2 for $40 deal and the black tee and leggings were probably around $5 each. It all makes for a simple, comfy, but still put together outfit.

I am a big fan of statement pieces. This tribal print skirt is the perfect statement piece for a girl with a booty. It's crazy patterns camouflage the hips and bum area and give you a nice shape! The tank was thrifted, the skirt I believe was around $30 (a pricier piece in my books, but fits great and is made well), and the sandals were $8.

Check this out... almost the exact same outfit but a totally different look/vibe! Another statement skirt, but this one only cost me $10. It just goes to show how one piece can totally change up an outfit!

I hope you enjoyed getting to know a bit about me and my cheap-fashion-loving ways a bit more! Come and check out my blog, Olive and Ivy, where I have tons more outfit posts as well as tons of more fun stuff. I also have a huge blogiversary giveaway up and running as well, so be sure to come and enter! And a big thankyou to Kendra for having me today! xoxo

Monday, April 15, 2013

modays are for straws up yer nose!

i've been a kinda out of touch lately. no? really? it's not often that i shove a straw up my nose and then drink from it- but it does happen and i have no "but..." to follow it up with in explanation.
so there ya have it.
ownin' it.
happy monday.
hope i have somethin' better for ta tomorrow but don't count on it....

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

whaaaa?? it's wednesday?

man i have really been chasin' the days lately.
it's wednesday!! did you know that? i didn't until like 5 minutes ago. i thought it was tuesday.

don't get me wrong, it's freakin fantastic that it's actually a day closer to friday coz that never happens to me. usually i am clawing my way to friday, that blessed finish line.

i swear, if the rest of this week goes in slo-mo now i am gonna be pee-yissed!!

so, because i am all kinds of unprepared i will present an outfit that i wore a few weeks ago that i forgot to post. am i painting the picture of a flighty girl here?? i'm really not. not always.

well, the really good news (mainly this is your good news) i am wearing clothes today- even if they aren't these exact specific ones.

 be glad i cropped my face. i looked ca-ray-zay in this pic! i just spared your entire day.
there is a story here with these shoes.
another day-i promise. try not to fall off the edge of your seat waiting.
clearly i am ashamed for not being as prepared as i should be today. don't stare at my roots.
dang it, you stared didn't you?
 waves and beads. (i dunno. you come up with a better caption. it was tough.)
 sorry so dark. if i had more time i would edit better for you- i really would.
 this is also the day that i held my first malachite egg baby. heavy.
i'm diggin that this photo looks like the beginning of a slight pimp lean....
and on that note.....i should go.
have a great day!!!

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Friday, April 5, 2013

stealin' my kid (and follow friend friday!)

happy birthday to my middle little "big red"!
...and because it's his birthday and because it's aloha friday (can ya imagine turning a year older and wiser on any other day that aloha friday??) we will gather ourselves up at an ungoldly hour and hit the road to hang out with mickey and friends in disneyland today!
he has no clue what's in store, i decided to smuggle him away and make it a surprise.

in the meantime while you're waiting for my return to see all my fun photos (stop with the faces now!) you can join in a little fun called "FOLLOW FRIEND FRIDAY!" yay, just sounds good right??

now don't be one of "those people" that link up and leave. stick around.
follow your hosts and co-hosts, mingle, grab a drink, maybe make a friend, you know, do aloha friday right today!

so click on that big grey box below and head on over yo!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

don't ever dare me-and it's wiww

...because i am one of those that will not only take that dare on but i will do it with a smile (and university of washington husky slippers). bow down.

my middle little, aka: the boy, snapped this pic of me the other morning while i was waving them off to school.
he cackled and said, "haha, use this as your what i wore wednesday post"! to which i yelled back, "is that a dare, coz i just might ya little brat"!! just then i looked to the left at my neighbor shuffling her baby into his car seat.
ooops, morning neighbors, have a nice day, i don't really yell at my kids from the porch in the morning calling them brats....

well, you asked for it!
i AM using it as my wednesday post and i'm not embarrassed.
however, i do happen to know that the kids at school, in computer class, look at my blog.
dude how embarrassing, your mom, on her porch, in her pajamas and a frumpy house sweater?!!
whose embarrassed now huh kid?!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

polka dot cupcakes-and my sugar coma

wasn't sure these would work.
when they did work i wasn't sure they would taste good.
when they did taste good i ate them.
then came the sugar coma......

 bake a cake that is colorful and crumble it into a bowl. add 1 large spoonful of frosting. i made green and blue, i was out of red food coloring. pink would be awesome!
 roll it into a compact ball-as if you are making a cake pop.
 place cake pop ball into the center of a cupcake liner.
 make a separate batch of white (mine is french vanilla) batter and pour over top about 2/3 full
bake for 12 minutes. let cool and frost.

i know.
try to sleep that off...

Monday, April 1, 2013

happy easters (& a few token bunny shots)

coloring easter eggs is my least fav thing to do with kids. i'd almost rather change a dirty baby diaper. twice.
it's a huge mess, cups always go spilling over and i am the one left to clean up.

this year honestly seemed like the first year ever that i wasn't having mini "psycho mom" moments from across the table.

the biggest little decided to skip out on these and went off to catch up on "sons of anarchy", way to keep it in the holy easters spirit b.l.! anyway, them other 2 littles i own did the eggs all themselves and ya know what?? i wasn't a stressed out psycho mess!!!
only 1 cup down (the favorite turquoise dye) and barely a mess!
thems did good!

have you ever made the confetti or glitter filled eggs?
one year, i made some filled with glitter- these ones are filled with colorful confetti. super fun, easy but it's a lot of work just to crack over someones head ya know?

well, no matter how hard i tried to lure my kids into hunting for easter eggs they wouldn't bite. i feel like in their little hearts they wanted to but i get it, they are probably too old to believe in the easter bunny. duh.
they are way more into quoting nacho libre and telling me how they have "had diarrhea since last easters" and saying, "hashtag", before they answer me when i ask them a question. whatever.

hope you had a beautiful easters or passover or whatever it is you may (or may not) celebrate!!