Friday, April 26, 2013

rejection hurts

well, i was rejected. not just a little bit either.
like full on, we aren't even talking to you, you can't sit with us, mean girls style.
i know.
it hurts.

who brings craft scissors to court?

i had really high hopes for jury duty. you may recall how exited i got. if not, read up HERE, or you may not understand this post. 
i was never even spoken to. i watched them call people in sometimes 15 at a time as i continued to sit. one might say i was lucky but ya start to wonder what it is in your paperwork that makes them skip you. was it my hair?? because i have excuses for that....most days.

here are a few fun and not so fun facts about jury duty.

1. the chairs are dirty. like possibly someone soiled their pants on them dirty.

2. the bathrooms are surprisingly clean so you don't have to hold it for 2 hours like i did. that was dumb.

3. they make you watch a 15 minute instructional video on how to be a good juror. in said video, the narrator tells you (twice) there is absolutely no training or skill needed to be a juror. hmmmm. then why am i watching a 15 minute video on what to do and how to do it then?

4. jurors are paid a whopping $15 bucks a day. your pay ONLY starts on the 2nd day of service.
keep my $15 bucks and use it to update that damn video which was clearly shot in the 70's.
or don't. i don't care.

5. there is no hot tub on the roof. i repeat, there is NO hot tub on the roof.

6. the courthouse coffee isn't bad. beware of the weird "attorney" that hangs out and talks to you by the coffee machine. he is bad. trust.

7. quiet time (when you are reading that long awaited book) will be interrupted every 3 minutes with a dumb woman who has even dumber questions complimented by interesting hair. that was my way of saying her hair was well, bad. she should hang out with coffee "attorney".

8. bring earphones. so you don't hear them call your name, so what?! (shrug)
this dude has obviously been to jury duty. check out his "office" set up. pro.

9. when you are given a 30 minute break there is NOTHING to do.
you can go back to the coffee machine but mr. "attorney" is at his post.
you can leave but parking sucks and going in and out of security is a 10 minute ordeal and there is always someone who forgets there is a metal object in their pocket. duh!
so, after calculating the date as to when your last rabies shot was you take a deep breath and go to the bathroom.
you are surprised (see #2) so you take a mirror selfie because you can and you still have 27 minutes left on break.