Wednesday, April 3, 2013

don't ever dare me-and it's wiww

...because i am one of those that will not only take that dare on but i will do it with a smile (and university of washington husky slippers). bow down.

my middle little, aka: the boy, snapped this pic of me the other morning while i was waving them off to school.
he cackled and said, "haha, use this as your what i wore wednesday post"! to which i yelled back, "is that a dare, coz i just might ya little brat"!! just then i looked to the left at my neighbor shuffling her baby into his car seat.
ooops, morning neighbors, have a nice day, i don't really yell at my kids from the porch in the morning calling them brats....

well, you asked for it!
i AM using it as my wednesday post and i'm not embarrassed.
however, i do happen to know that the kids at school, in computer class, look at my blog.
dude how embarrassing, your mom, on her porch, in her pajamas and a frumpy house sweater?!!
whose embarrassed now huh kid?!