Tuesday, April 23, 2013

oh, it's time

remember when i got this wonderful jury summons in the mail??

well, i have delayed it once, made one courthouse location change and now i'm officially out of tricks. 
it's here. it's this week.

i called in sunday night and was told i didn't have to come in. yea!
i called last night and was told that i didn't have to come in. yea yea!

then i started to read the jury brochure a lil bit. i'm gonna admit right now it started to look a little fabulous.
like, wait a minute here, a full cafeteria on the 2nd floor? 
an hour and a half for lunch? whaaat? the last time i had an hour and a half for lunch was....oh yeah, nevah! i'm lucky if i even sit down for lunch, it's usually something fast as i shovel it in while standing over my keyboard, working.
oh but wait it gets better, dismissed for the day by 4:30. 
suggestions of bringing reading material. what? like a book? i get to actually sit and read a book? like scheduled quiet time? this is beginning to sound like a freakin resort up in here! 

maybe this won't be so bad right? heck, i plan on being the best juror in the entire city if i win this lucky lotto!! i might even wear my bathing suit under my clothes in case we get to go up on the roof for a break or something, wonder if they have a hot tub on the premises....
wish me luck!