Monday, September 30, 2013

hello monday and a special guest

hello monday, hello mollye!

pretty much i'm giving you a gift today.
you can send me thank you cards later, gift cards are also accepted, of course.

i'm a sharer and what kind of girl would i be if i continued to keep my fabulous friend mollye all to myself without introducing you to this kick ass mom of 4?
not a typo, that crazy woman went and had 4 boys. 
not a typo, that woman has 4 BOYS. 
i mean, this girl ain't no quitter i will tell ya that much! i will also tell you that i absolutely adore mollye and i know you will too. 
oh, and her name isn't molly, it's mollye, that 'e' on the end makes her that much cooler right?!
i won't go into any stories (trust me, mama gots stories which may or may not include a wig, 2 girls, a disco ball cup and a cruise ship) because that, most definitely, is a whole 'notha post...or 5.
okay, so where was i going here? oh yes, my friend mollye.

first, i gotta make you sit through my monday hello's. sorry, i'll just do a few so we can get on with my girl.

hello little lemon
go ahead and turn yellow any time now. no worries, i'll keep waiting and waiting and waiting.

hello tiny
lil tiny bringing over flowers. i'm sorry my neighbor baby is cuter than your neighbor baby, unless he is your neighbor baby too, then we are tied.

hello storm trooper
d.i.y. mug i made yesterday in the name of love for national coffee day- up on blog soon.
hello high kicks
ask the girl to kick.... oh, and an "atta girl" to ms. high kicker too for scoring 3 times in saturdays game.

ahh i just love monday hello's.

and now, mollye:

Hey there, my name is Mollye and I blog over at Mollye Taylor and her Boy Band.

I am 37 years old, married to the man of my dreams, and have 4 boys ranging in ages 5 to 17.  Yes, I’m tired.  All the time.  During the day I spend my time blogging, following blogs, reading blogs, commenting on blogs, and when I get some spare time, I may clean. 

My life has done a 180 in the past several months.  In July I was laid off from my job I was at for 8 years.  The best part of that job was the people and working from home.  I’ve been telling people for 8 years that I love my job.  And for about 2 of those years I wasn’t lying.  I liked the paycheck.  I liked the flexibility of working from home.  I liked the people.  Most of them.  But when I got laid off, my first feeling was of relief.  I didn’t cry or feel sorry for myself.  So here I am.  Still happily married, still have 4 kids, still tired, still unemployed, and happier than I’ve been in years.

It took getting laid off to gain clarity.  I talked about leaving my company for a long time but was too scared to do it.  Throughout the years I would come up with all these amazing ventures I wanted to start - open a restaurant, build a wedding venue on our property, write a book (which I still plan on doing someday), the list went on and on. 

I’ve always loved to write.  Writing is what makes me happy.  Writing is my therapy.  Writing is me.  So you may ask, why is it that I’m not writing for a living?  Not many times do you hear someone use the word “writer” without prefacing it with “struggling”.  It’s very hard to make a good living on writing alone.  You usually have to supplement it with that pesky job thing.  I was scared to go from security to obscurity.

There are millions of people who actually do what they love because they’re passionate about it.  Why shouldn’t I?  Why have I allowed my fears to paralyze me?  Lack of confidence?  Perhaps.  Fear of not making ends meet?  Certainly.  But something happened.  Something from deep within I didn’t know I had.  I decided I’m done going through the motions and instead will make my own motion.  I’m going to write.

I started up my blog again and entered a contest to be a mom blogger for a local credit union in Seattle.  I kicked my lack of confidence to the curb.  I stomped on my fear.  With heels on.  And I hate to wear heels.  I want to write for a living.  Here’s to following your passion.  And yes, I’m still tired.


head on over and read all mollye's posts and follow along to keep up with her so when she becomes a famous writer you can say, "hey, i know that girl!!"
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