Tuesday, October 1, 2013

i made a table runner and a few gray hairs.....

not in that order.
and although i made the gray hairs myself i cannot fully take the credit.
my mom gave me the gray hairs.
it's all her fault.
aren't I suppose to have given HER the grays?

i noticed a gray hair earlier this month right about the time of her surgery a few tuesdays ago. then, little mr. gray hair (and i most definitely am calling him a mr. because a woman would never do such a thing!) decided it was a party and he was fully entitled to a plus 1.
so he brought a guest which now leaves me with 2.
2 gray hairs.
i am naming them tuesday and saturday.
tuesday for surgery day and saturday because the saturday after her surgery she went out and got into a car accident in palm springs breaking wrists, cracking sternums and bruising up like she went 3 rounds with floyd mayweather jr.
yeah, i know. i am locking her up.
parents nowadays!

i did let her out this past week-end though. i even took her to the craft store. she can't really craft with one arm in a cast, but i can!!!
i bought stuff to make a table runner. i can never find a table runner i like, and since i am just now getting out my fall decorations (seriously, 90 degrees in southern cal doesn't entice me to pull out fall leaves and burlap) i thought i would just do it and make my own. 

jo-ann's sells this burlap roll with both ends finished so it won't unravel

i just used hot glue to attach a 4" black ribbon edging to edging

did one side, rolled it out, cut another burlap strip and did it on the other side of ribbon

decided the ends needed feathers.
glued them on and ran a smaller strip of ribbon over the ends to
make it look reaaal nice (says clark's cousin eddie)

i made the runner long in case i want to display it like this or cut the
feathers off if i am ever over that feathered end look (as if)

i love the look of burlap in the fall and it goes with my house décor already

love how simple and classic my fall table turned out. 
oh, but wait... 
this cat.
he has a feather fetish.
he is trying to act all uninterested waiting for me
to walk away so he can get all 'personal' with my new runner.

oh, well looky here.
there is a cat.
on the kitchen table (nasty!)
and, i do see you ya know.

 hmmmm...interesting, he found his way to the feathers.
he is sure acting like he isn't doing a thing wrong.
he is sure doing his best to give me full "huh, me" eyes
yet one paw is strategically placed on a feather.

he has no self control.
embarrassing, really.

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