Monday, October 28, 2013

hello monday...

hello pumpkin-
we're painting pumpkins this year, which means no fresh roasted pumpkin seeds but we do get miley cyrus hangin out on our porch allll week long. that tongues gotta dry out eventually girl. 
twerk or treat y'all!

hello autumn kitty-
cats get cold too and they like to accessorize ya know...

hello best kid costume ever-
this is my neighbor. he is a gnome. he even has the gnome pose down.
rollin with my gnomie....

hello mendocino farms-
thanks for opening up right next to my house. who doesn't like to eat happy??

hello bestie-
got this text last night. the bestie is coming to visit! yay times 100! washington and california really aren't that far away but it can feel like a million miles at times.

hello new eyes and dirty lil knees-
when you have an eye appointment between soccer games you show up a bit muddy. sorry doc.

happy to say hello to monday this week- at least that is what i'm tellin myself here. i can always use one more day of the week-end. always.

hope your day is great and your week-end even better!

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saying hello with lisa!
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