Friday, October 4, 2013

aloha friday!

first i want to just thank friday.
for always coming round even when it sometimes seems so far away.
for bringing it's rush of week-end excitement and of course it's sparkle of aloha.

this week i have felt the aloha in many ways, starting with some of my friends.
you are awesome.
you have called me, texted me, checked in with me simply to see how my mom is and how i am over these past few weeks.
you, deserve some serious aloha and i hope when you need it from me that i can be as wonderful a friend to you that you have been to me.
anyway, what i'm sayin is i got mad amounts of aloha for you!

this week-end is all about halloween decorations.
it's time.
and my middle little has already started

and while he was doing that, the littlest little discovered she likes sugar on her oranges. uhhhh...

the cat wore a lettuce helmet.

and the bunny stuck his tongue out because he is partial to easter decor.

what do you have planned this aloha friday and week-end?

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aloha friday