Thursday, November 29, 2012

aloha mobbin'!

guess what today is? yup! aloha friday!
dang i love me some hawaiians! i love the brunette one's, the blonde one's, the red headed one's....
ya know who else loves hawaii?
not to go too far off subject but if you haven't seen superbad, you might want to. it's really really funny.

anyway, i thought i would share with you a flash mob dance of sorts.
have you ever seen a flash mob hula? at 38,000 feet?
dang it, me neither, until now.
i never get on fun, hula filled, dancin in the aisles flights! i'm always on the flight with a snorer. oh wait, that's my husband.

so this is for you my aloha friday friends-oh, and when you are done watching this beautiful dance (check it out-there are a few hot hawaiian men in there and a couple of aunties that can get to it!) go ahead and link on up below, visit some other fun blogs then head on out for that copy of superbad.

i promise you i have just started your week-end off right! aaand, i'm off to do a lil hip-shakin'!
check this out:
flash mob hula.
^it's awesome ^


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DIY cake plate stands and my genius thought

i got this idea from Britt- her blog is really fun!
it's genius if you ask me!
i'm having my annual cookie exchange here in a few weeks and i am always lacking pretty trays and display plates. one would think as an interior designer i would have lots to choose from however, i don't. plain and simple, no excuse.
what i am rollin' in is lots of random candlesticks and a few fun plates.

like a wise chick once said, (thanks britt) put a little gorilla glue around the rim of your candlestick, stick the plate on and put a heavy book on top of it overnight.
the only drawback (i know, i'm a downer) is i have started to look at everything wondering if i could use a little gorilla glue and create things all over my house!

ohmygosh! i just had a genius thought!
i could gorilla glue my kids shoes to their feet so i never have to hear, "hey mom, where is my other shoe", ever again!!!!!

steer clear kids, mama's got gorilla glue!!!
i'm actually kidding...a little bit.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

wearing them....again.

i wore clothes.

okay so i found the link below ("do nothing for 2 minutes") and thought it was really cool.

it was hard for me to sit still for 2 minutes straight but i mind-forced myself (yeah, i don't know what mind-forced means either. i think i may of just made that up, but i'm gonna go with it) and nothing cool happens at the end, i promise no freaky face pops up on the screen and screams at you forcing you to yell out a swear word.

it's just 2 blissful, relaxing minutes that you will be surprised to realize you needed.
oh, and on wednesday, hump day, i thought it might be a nice 2 minutes well spent.

take yourselves away.....
(do nothing for 2 minutes)

quilted mani

i'm on a nail kick lately.

i think its the time of year. i wanna decorate everything and i guess that includes my nails as well.
you should probably keep at least 50 yards from me and my house or you may walk away dazed, confused, decorated....i can't be held responsible during the season people, it just is what it is!

anyway, saw this and thought it would be easy to try.
it's really tough to get a good picture of it because my top dry coat is so shiny.

are you ready?
paint your nails then right before they are dry take a ruler and make criss-cross quilted patterns across the nails.
whew! done.
cute huh?

Monday, November 26, 2012

heart shaped eggs

oh my i missed you guys! it's been 4 whole days! 

i've ignored my blog, email, hardly looked at facebook, and ate. i really ate.  
apparently i can't successfully get my mind out of the food gutter (not the worst gutter my lil mind's been in so i'm not altogether embarrassed) so, in keeping with my week-end gluttony, here is a way to make your hard boiled eggs cute!
i know, you've been racking your brain and spending sleepless nights wondering just how to make eggs cute right? i'm a real friend.

my son found this on oh, i dunno, you tube or somewhere out there and asked me to try it. it works! a flatter chopstick that can make a larger indent would probably make more of a heart but we liked it. it was also my son's first ever boiled egg. he would never try one until i put a little "love" into it. now he likes them but i will probably always have to make them into hearts. 
why do i do this to myself???

heart shaped eggs

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

thankful for an aloha affair!

tomorrow is turkey day!!!

you should have the day to relax, eat, sleep, eat again, sleep...oh, it's a beautiful cycle isn't it??
so, an aloha affair blog hop is up early just for you!!
i know!! aren't you thankful???

scroll on down and link up early and enjoy your turkey day!

i thought about posting my list of what i am thankful for but i figure once you got to #43 and read about how i am thankful the checkers at rite-aid smile and say, "hey kendra", (when they see me for the 18th time that week) instead of, "oh man, you again??", i figured i would save you the boredom. it's the little things my friends..... now go annihilate that turkey leg!

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pattern mixing

hey y'all!
happy humpday!
happy day before thanksgiving
and happy day before you probably have a long week-end!
that's what i'm talkin bout!

i've been pattern mixing a lot more lately so i'm gonna hope i don't actually walk out of the house looking like punky's possible.

have a wonderful thanksgiving-eat dessert first and be thankful!!!!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

newsprint mani!!

have you ever seen the newsprint mani? its really fun and super easy.
it doesnt take a steady hand or an artist so it's the mani for me!

actually, my friends 11 year old daughter has the best nails ever. i know. she is 11.
so i borrowed her and her 10 nails.

newsprint mani

now, you are actually suppose to use vodka instead of the rubbing alcohol but i didn't think my friend would appreciate me returning her 11 year old smelling like vodka. i dunno, didn't seem right.
also, i think if you dip the actual paper strip itself in the alcohol it would work better.
make sure your nails are completely dry. completely. we were in a slight hurry so we didn't wait as long as we should have and you don't get as clear of a newsprint (as you can see) if you don't let it dry. plus 11 year olds like to play on their phones while drying so we had to do a few fixes.
lastly, don't let the paper move around too much or it gets smudgy.
now go on, try it!

Monday, November 19, 2012

rewind! i want more week-end!

saturday morning we had the littlest littles final soccer game of the season before they head to the play-offs in a few weeks. it was raining which, to me, is ultimate soccer weather but it is something our little southern cal girlies are not really use to.
they had the best time getting beat up, wet and muddy.

because it was drizzling off and on i decided all i wanted to do was be in my kitchen and create.
check out this cheesecake love!

mini black bottom pumpkin caramel cheesecakes.

originally everyone wanted grilled cheese and tomato soup for dinner but it changed to spam sliders.
now listen, stop right there. i can practically hear your comments already.
spam is good. you have to have it prepared in the right way-ya can't just slice it and throw it on bread or you wont like it. that's a bad introduction.

poor spam. aka: hawaiian steak.
it gets a bad wrap. stop with the squinty pukey faces-i'm pretty finicky and i love it! it's darn close to a hot dog in taste.
the secret is ya slice it and simmer it over the stove top in a brown sugar and soy sauce mixture. then ya top it with some coleslaw and serve it on a toasted hawaiian roll. not a regular roll, that would be sacrilegious, a hawaiian roll. some put a ring of hawaiian sweet onion or an onion ring on it but that is not happenin in my house. no way! not up in here!
i'm fairly sure i am allergic to onion. gag.

so that was our saturday.

our sunday was fun!!!
my girlfriend and 2 of her girls were meeting us for breaking dawn but my poor friend got sick so she had to miss it. we were sad not having her with us as we have met for every movie since the first one but i took her girls with my girls and we went to see edward anyway. well, we saw bella too but she is so annoying so why would i report on her?

super surprise ending which was good however, i say that knowing the movies reaaallllly aren't that good to begin with.
these girlies live for these though and i am always a sport. ok, ok, i like edward too. 

2 excited little girls!!

somehow soccer practice was cancelled for the littlest little's tournament team sunday afternoon. that's was kinda nice to have that break. sometimes i feel like i should just pitch a tent at the field and live there.

and now it's monday. sweet monday.
the girl that gets no love. sigh.
well, at least we all get a short week right? gotta be thankful for that.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

friday i'm in love

i'm pretty sure this shirt was literally made for me.
just me.
oh of course they made tons and sell them to anyone but i'm sure i was their muse.

well, friday shirt designer wherever you may be, i gladly accept the honor and will wear this shirt proud-probably every friday from now until it falls off my body. 
that will be a sad day but we wont worry about that right now coz we gots that whole aloha friday thing to celebrate!!

girl loves her some friday!
howbout you??
oh, and because i loves ya thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis much (big wide-spread arms) if you look below you can link up with an aloha affair!!
yay right?
be sure and follow your hosts and share the love back so then we can share it back again and then you can and then we can, well, ya get the pic right?!!

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What Are You Thankful For?

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