Monday, November 5, 2012

day 5- lashes, soccer and laundry

lashes, soccer laundry-it's as close to GTL as i was eva' gonna get....
day 5:
7 threads, 7 days, 7 ways

lash saturday is music to ma ears yo!
i got to see the magical marilyn who does my eyes all up with their fresh set of "jazz hands".
a girl just looks good with a fresh set, ya feel me?

then it was the littlest littles soccer game. we have had the worst ref the past 2 weeks.
i respect the refs and respect they are volunteering but man i wish certain refs would understand the stripe shirt doesn't mean you have to be a jerk. but hey wasabi girls won and my little played so well. oh, then the seahawks won yesterday and the huskies won friday night. howboutit?!!

laundry. can you imagine the amount of laundry we have over here? it's not cute.

i will leave you with this special pic taken last week of me and our showroom assistant, traylor, who loves a good face juggle almost as much as i do and looks pretty fantastic in a braid wouldn't ya say?!

 get this app- face juggler.