Friday, November 2, 2012

day 4- stars, stripes and the bottom of my shoe.

hey hey day 4:
7 threads, 7 ways, 7 days

felt a little patriotic today and why not?? i can't just keep my stars and stripes to just a few days a year!
actually, i have never worn this scarf and felt today was as good a day as any.

my sears catalog pose

 oh, oh, oh and do ya notice my blogs face lift?? i think it makes me look 10 years younger!!
that hurts.

well anyway, since you're in no mood to give 'unsolicited' compliments i suppose i will still share with you my secret.

it's the talented lauren from the perfect pear design!
i know you think i chose her because of her fabulous hair and hair color. you would be partially right however, check her out because you will clearly see the girl is good!

we still have to add some links (like how i said "we" as if i have been doing anything other than giving my opinion and oooohing and ahhhing every time she does something new) but please don't fully judge just come on back in a day or two and see me in all my beautiful blog glory!
the girl has done a pretty kick ass job of cleaning up my chaos up in here!
thanks lauren!

and.... with all of the above i leave you with nothing but love and of course a very happy  
aloha friday lovely people!
man i feel like doin' some high kicks!!!