Thursday, November 8, 2012

yoga aka: namastank!

so last night i went to yoga.
i don't go as often as i use to coz i hurt my hip like an old lady.
have you noticed how much it stanks in there?!
if you get there when a class is fresh over you can almost pass out from the smells. true talk.

oh, and the yoga instructor has a crush on my hawaiian. so every once in awhile i gotta show up and ya know, mark my territory. give the ole raising of the chin and a lil eye contact, letting her know i'm still around.

anyway, we get there and get all settled.
the show starts.
i say show because if you attend my yoga class you get to see the man that goes shirtless with a serious set of man boobs that really, there is no diff if he goes shirtless or the lady next to him does.

then you have the brown noser, the lady that runs to the front and literally has her downward dog 3 inches from the instructors nose.

then the older gal (go girl) that has questions throughout? um, shhhh, i'm trying to "be one" up in here!

there is also the man that falls asleep during the mediation and snores. loudly. big loud man snores.

lastly, the dude in the back that exhales so loudly that it's hard to concentrate on whatever it is i am suppose to be doing. truthfully, and i fully admit, i should not be in this class. it's way too advanced but ya know, the whole territory thang.

i'm literally watching the clock coz im such a wimp and about 1 hour and 5 minutes in i look to my hawaiian, who is clearly in namaste mode-like full on namaste mode-and start to "pssst" until he looks over.
i whisper, "um, it's been over an hour when do we just lay?"
laying is my favorite part.
what?? i like to relax.
he shakes his head and whispers back, "nah, this class is an hour and a half."
to which i mouth back, "i'm gonna kick your a**!"

i'm tellin ya, i like yoga but i haven't felt that whole connection thing yet. they say it will come.

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