Monday, November 19, 2012

rewind! i want more week-end!

saturday morning we had the littlest littles final soccer game of the season before they head to the play-offs in a few weeks. it was raining which, to me, is ultimate soccer weather but it is something our little southern cal girlies are not really use to.
they had the best time getting beat up, wet and muddy.

because it was drizzling off and on i decided all i wanted to do was be in my kitchen and create.
check out this cheesecake love!

mini black bottom pumpkin caramel cheesecakes.

originally everyone wanted grilled cheese and tomato soup for dinner but it changed to spam sliders.
now listen, stop right there. i can practically hear your comments already.
spam is good. you have to have it prepared in the right way-ya can't just slice it and throw it on bread or you wont like it. that's a bad introduction.

poor spam. aka: hawaiian steak.
it gets a bad wrap. stop with the squinty pukey faces-i'm pretty finicky and i love it! it's darn close to a hot dog in taste.
the secret is ya slice it and simmer it over the stove top in a brown sugar and soy sauce mixture. then ya top it with some coleslaw and serve it on a toasted hawaiian roll. not a regular roll, that would be sacrilegious, a hawaiian roll. some put a ring of hawaiian sweet onion or an onion ring on it but that is not happenin in my house. no way! not up in here!
i'm fairly sure i am allergic to onion. gag.

so that was our saturday.

our sunday was fun!!!
my girlfriend and 2 of her girls were meeting us for breaking dawn but my poor friend got sick so she had to miss it. we were sad not having her with us as we have met for every movie since the first one but i took her girls with my girls and we went to see edward anyway. well, we saw bella too but she is so annoying so why would i report on her?

super surprise ending which was good however, i say that knowing the movies reaaallllly aren't that good to begin with.
these girlies live for these though and i am always a sport. ok, ok, i like edward too. 

2 excited little girls!!

somehow soccer practice was cancelled for the littlest little's tournament team sunday afternoon. that's was kinda nice to have that break. sometimes i feel like i should just pitch a tent at the field and live there.

and now it's monday. sweet monday.
the girl that gets no love. sigh.
well, at least we all get a short week right? gotta be thankful for that.