Wednesday, June 13, 2012

panini press cinnamon rolls

man. i have really been trying to eat good. really.

i found this waffled cinnamon rolls recipe while blog hopping and couldn't wait to try it.
i mean, dontcha just bow down to this mom?

i will try anything to save time in the morning. with 3 kids rushing to greet the bus by 6:45am and one bleary eyed mom i really am game for all the tips that help make my morning routine easier.
this definitely deserves a  5 second hug from mama to mama so i am sending it virtually and i sure hope she can feel it. heck, you're all getting one too-just coz. feel it? good. okay, so.....

i gave my belgium waffle maker away.
do not make the same mistake.
it was a novelty item for us that i used a few times then went back to eggo's-why?
time of course! only martha stewart has it so some of us gotta get real up in here!
i do however have a panini press which i thought can't be too different.
it worked.
it was awesome.
i, uh, ahem, i mean, they ate them right up!

i dug up the old panini press

you just buy regular old (well don't actually buy old one's-gross) pillsbury cinnamon rolls in the tube and lay them on the griddle. be sure to grease the griddle and although the cinnamon roll baking directions say 400 degrees i put my panini press on 300 degrees.

you can lift the top griddle up on the hinge side of the panini press so the rolls don't flatten on one side. i kept the press down for approx. 3 minutes.

take off press and frost.

best 3 minute breakfast eva'!! yeah!!! lick your fingers!