Friday, June 22, 2012

aloha friday

Aloha Friday
(Aloha Friday)

Definition: much like the casual Friday equivalent, it refers to the day of the week where the feeling is one of laid-back happiness and leisure, looking forward to the weekend. Often, businesses in Hawaii allow their employees to dress casually on this day.

Used In A Sentence: It’s Aloha Friday cuz! Where you like go dis weekend?
In English?: I can’t believe it’s Friday already! What do you feel like doing this weekend?

just in case ya didn't know......

so, let me sum up in 3 words (well, 4) why this week was awesome.
1. summer
2. mexico
3. true blood

yes, yes i know i talk about all those things above allllll the damn time.  but they all applied this week in major, get down, get dowwwwn ways.

school is out-summa is here!!
i will be cruisin to mexico in like, hours.
i got a call from the set designer of true blood who invited me on a private set tour yesterday. i got to see it all! i was most excited to check out the furniture i did for the set (already blabbed about here) and lemme tell ya, it was a good thing it was private (4 of us) coz i had full on super fan moments merlottes, in jasons apartment, sookies kitchen.... shameful really.

here's a few of my fav pics...

sookie's kitchen

sookie's porch

sookie's entry

more kitchen

where lafayette cooks

sam's office
MY SOFA'S!!! yeah! super secret meeting room

where erik used to sleep at sookie's

vampire holding cells
yay- my entry!

i tried to get better pics but they had filmed the day prior and the main lights were mostly all off on the sets that they don't use too often.  it was a really fun day for me-i loved seeing it all!

have a super week-end y'all!