Monday, June 11, 2012

remember that thirty threads hoo-ha?

i finished thirty threads quite some time ago. on my own i decided to keep it going for a few more weeks beyond the thirty days without the posts just kind of my own lil experiment. oh no silly people, i shopped, but continued to mix in stuff that hasn't left my dresser drawers or closet in years.

like friday- this skirt hadn't been worn in at least a year or so but i love it so i could never get rid of it. truth be told its kinda funky coz you are suppose to wear it off the hips but that makes me feel dumpy and strangely shaped- i guess mostly what i feel is i'm not in my twenties anymore so i have no biz-ness wearing low slung anything.....

i realized that i gotta do a summer version of thirty threads mainly because i have been asked and you know i like to give the people what they want.
i'm kidding. truthfully it reminds me to wear what i have, reinvent new outfits and to get creative by shopping in my very own (pretty full) closet. plus, i usually end up looking much better than i normally would have because i am being cognisant of what i got goin' on before i walk out the door. know what i mean?

i actually think the summer version may even be way easier than the last one. i'm gonna try to not wear things from my last thirty threads (try-no pinky promises here) just to keep it creative and harder for me. plus, since we are going on a few vacays this summer and a couple of long week-ends this will be awesome on my wallet.

thirty threads changed the way i get dressed and the way i look at what i already have. i suggest it to every girl i know and because i'm generous-to every girl i don't know.

so i'm thinking of starting maybe beginning of july-now, who wants to join me? it can be like a group fit challenge but i don't make anyone work out and we can eat whatever we want? ya in???