Wednesday, June 13, 2012


today i am linking up with a really fun girl noel (don't know how to add the umlaut over her "e") on her love/hate link up!

as a new blogger i have been hopping around exploring other fun blogs and noel's got my attention right away.
maybe it was these cool pink glasses she wears in one of her pics, or the fact that she married her high school crush (that's my girl!!) actually it could be that she has 4 kids (i feel like such a quitter with only 3) and they live in an 800 square foot cabin and they are all still alive and seem to like each other?? oh, i bet it's that she can grab buttons for her blog and i can't-really, i am that lame. i can't figure it out. yes, i have watched tutorials and read instructions but it never works for me!

i dunno. i do know she has a supa' fun blog and i am inspired by her. you will be too! soooooo, once you are done reading my fabulous love/hates hop on over to read hers, see her fun pics and check out her corner of the world today.

i love diet coke
i hate that its not spinach giving me nutrients so i can drink 5 a day

i love road trips
i hate that my husband doesn't like being in cars for hours upon hours upon hours...??

i love my bestie
i hate that she lives too far away

i love summer with my kids
i hate to give them back to the schools

i love teen mom on mtv
i hate farrahs rude teen mouth

i love reading
i hate that i can't get the time back that i wasted on 7 chapters of "50 shades of grey"

i love my grandparents
i hate that they are gone

 now go checkie noel out!