Monday, June 18, 2012

what my phone saw this week...

there she goes again that phone! 
these pics are actually from a few weeks ago but i spent time linking up with other fab blogs so well, ya know, a girl gets distracted!

the cork board in my sons room- that kid with the football is his dad in junior high.....
memorial drawing on our fence in the backyard still there- i hope it stays all summer coz it's a beautiful remembrance!
that is NOT my husbands hand......
where we stayed in palm springs (ok, im done talking about it...until next time)
we got to watch a wedding from afar (more on that later....)
there is a lot to talk about here.
like how does the top hat not fly off?
is this the best form of travel with a large canine?
where is this dog's helmet?
is this a normal daily event or are they on a date?

questions, questions.......
do you think she came up with "catmanda" on her own? regardless, she pet sits. in case you need one.