Thursday, June 7, 2012

"coffin" it up-vampire style

it's no secret that i love my vampire's. of course i am team edward and having been born and raised not that far from forks (yes, it really is that rainy and gloomy) the whole twilight series was really exciting for me.
last season (season 4) when i had the opportunity to help furnish vampire king bill compton's newly remodeled lair i was literally screaming YES before i even knew what they wanted. i have been so lucky to have worked on many productions and i have had many furnishings chosen for so many wonderful events but this one was different as i am a huge fan!


fang banger productions presented such a great concept with the sleek, sexy regency feel they were trying to convey. very vampy! i felt the very classic deco mansfield table design would be perfect so i decided to clean it up and simplify the design for bill's entry table and finish it in a rich mahogany stain with some high gloss. just what you would expect from a 146 year old vampire king-right???
i started working on this project in early november (2010) and let me tell you as a viewer, we can all attest it was painful to await the new season but as a designer i was dying to see the end result on t.v. i could not wait to point and say, "i did that!!!" (see table directly below) ;)

sometimes furnishings become such an integral part of the actors scene. sometimes the furniture becomes the star itself just like on "all in the family"-remember archie bunker's chair or the speaker box in charlies angels where charlie would say, "heeello angels"???

 the night this episode aired and when i settled in to watch, imagine my pain when jessica broke through her silver chains and clamored through the entry past my furniture knocking the beautiful entry table to the ground with a wood splintering crash! it still hurts. truth is that's a little dramatic. i actually had 2 tables made because i was told early on one would get "fairly damaged" but i had completely forgotten and had to calm myself down.
phew! so, if you haven't seen the furniture or missed the entry no worries, the "stand in" will hopefully be in place next season and you can see the beautiful table again.

uh jessica, you knocked my table over!!!

hope you will all watch season 5 which airs on june 10th because i got to do more fabulous furniture. i cant say what i did yet because it will give away something new this season but don't worry when it's time i will be sure to point it out, shout it from the rooftops and post lots of photos.

i received a very nice thank you card from the lovely set decorating department. really i should thank YOU true blood from one of your greatest fans!