Sunday, June 24, 2012

bon voyage to me!!

know what i hate worse than packing? unpacking! can i really use the word 'hate' to describe packing or should i just be damn happy i get to pack and have a vacay?! 

yes, i am happy, so happy, so so happy, annoyingly happy!
just get the girl on the boat already happy!

but..... i can't think about unpacking yet coz i gots vacationing to do!
shane and i are heading out to get on a cruise ship and sail away to mexico for the week. we are meeting up with some really great friends and plan on having a wonderful relaxing time. kidless. yep, you read it right. no kids.

so i will *see* you all in a week-i will be the tan, smiling, relaxed girl in the sombrero- with a pair of maraca's hanging off my hips and possibly a luchador mask on.
stranger things i have done......