Monday, July 2, 2012


waking up this morning was super fun.

you know how it is when you have your first day back to work after vacay. its fun. super.
as i peeled open my eyelids this morning my first thought was, "i gotta get up to the lido deck and tag our lounge chairs before breakfast".
my second thought was, "why is my cat on the cruise ship with me?" 
yes, it was a hard slap in the face back to reality.

so i got up and swayed my way to the kitchen-funny thing how you keep swaying while you walk even a day after you are off the ship.
my son has found this to be pretty funny.

 I brewed up a huge (not an understatement) pot of organic mexican coffee i bought from a sweet lady in puerto vallarta that her husband had grown and roasted himself. ignoring the pile of dishes in the sink and the fact that my luggage is sitting there, unpacked, stuffed to the gills even though i am hoping if i ignore it long enough it will just ya know, unpack itself.

i drop into my chair with a thud.
i use the word 'thud' because i am pretty sure i gained a bit of weight between my breakfast, mid morning snack, the trip to the ice cream cone machine, the 1st round of mojitos, the 2nd round of mojitos, my 1st lunch, a trip back to the ice cream cone machine, my 2nd lunch, another round of mojitos, a trip to the sweets bar, a round of miami vices in my disco ball cup, a trip to the frozen yogurt machine (because i should really do froyo and cut back on the ice cream at this point right?) then another round of mojitos, a glass of water (you know, to detox in between my gluttony) then dinner, followed up with desert that i say i will only have a bite of but strangely i clean the plate, one more trip to the ice cream machine (WHY do they make this self serve? at least they should put a hot guy server behind that machine so maybe i wouldn't visit it 14 times a day!!) and a last round or two of whatever drink i am handed.
yes, i am guessing maybe i gained a pound-or 8.

 so back to my amazing cup of mexican java and me laughing in my head thinking of all the funny moments and good times on the cruise ship and in mexico. 
in walks my youngest little breaking my vacation chi by asking for more medicine (oh, by the way, i came home to a sick kid-yay me!) but.... she is cute. so it makes me smile.
 i missed my littles and its always nice to come home but dang i had me a blast and get this- nobody called me mom. not once. it was simply bliss!

somewhere on day 3 or 4 i wondered why my stomach hurt. no, not like sea sick hurt or gross cruise food sitting like a lump in your stomach hurt because you managed to eat like a huge pig. it was more of a "i have now laughed so hard that i am using muscles in my stomach that i didnt know i had hurt." or maybe the muscles were there but had somehow been covered in the layers of self serve ice cream???

anyway,  my favorite photo of the trip is this one right here:

thats two girls havin' a damn good time right there!

i have so many more fun photos i would love to share. i know how it is to look at someone elses photo footage from a vacation that you weren't on. its never quite as cool.
it's a big fat book of "look what i diiiiid that youuuuuu diiiiiidnt." but you still wanna see right? 

im pretty sure i heard you say yes and thats great because i will now go and put together a photo book just for you as that is what someone does when
they are trying to ignore the fact that they came home to 
421 new emails and they really dont fit in their jeans.
oh, guess what?? aol just told me i have mail. make that 422.
no joke. 

ahhh...its gonna be a fun day of you wishing you were me.....