Friday, July 6, 2012

aloha friday

well looky here-friday already! 
now ain't that the best news you've heard since last aloha friday?!

here's what rocked my week:

-got home from mexico sunday and all the littles were waiting. they missed us. we are loved.

-the big brother cast bio is out! yessss! we are on t minus 6 days people!

-wednesday was a holiday. in the middle of the week! hows that for awesomeness?!

-as i am sitting here typing this shane is preparing a binder of sheet music and tuning his ukulele for our upcoming trip home to seattle. who wants to jam and listen to me think i can sing????? i get better as the night wears on-or is that my own made up story in my head? hmmm....

-i have a cold. no, but wait. lemme explain. this happens to be awesome because what i have here people is a whole valid reason as to why i can't do certain household chores on my week-end. huuh, huuh, whose genius now hey?!!!

-today is my littlest little's birthday. tomorrow is her birthday party. we gots all kinds of partying planned!!

happy birthday moo, moosie, moosie bear, littlest little, maile raymond bean, moomalina, lil mama.... you are so easy to love.