Thursday, July 5, 2012

mehico photo album 2012

as promised-or threatened-depending on how you are looking at it.....

so as you look through these try to imagine a mariachi band playing music in the background-although the cruise ship continually played caribbean music??? yeah, me neither....

long beach-getting ready to set sail

i checked her out-she was fine, just resting
streets of cabo san lucas

every country has them
bartering for my daughters hammock chair

got it

mariachi and margaritas-what else ya want??
i think i like cabo
the men are so friendly

i know what you're thinking-what lucky ladies get those 2 hotties???

big daddy and his girl
sweetest little. we bought $3 flowers from her. best $ spent.

you would tell us if we had food in our teef-right?
because why wouldn't we drink from disco balls?
see? all kinds of groovy!

oh, i didn't tell you i was a master snorkler? for a hot 28 seconds i owned that sea. p.s. if anyone that tells you the sea of cortez is warm in june-walk away fast- they are a liar and who knows what other fairy tales they are trying to sell you.

beautiful church in puerto vallarta

my lovely lady friend mollye

mojitos make you think you can sing

bow down to washington. go dawgs!
mojitos make you think you can dance

mojitos make you think you are all kinds of sexy

mojitos make you think you are super funny-funnier than everyone else.

they started at the top, spinning until they were on the beach

ya gotta have at least 1 of these shots in every album right?

so there ya have it.
good times.
good friends.
what else can ya ask for?
oh, maybe another week to do it all over again might do!