Monday, July 30, 2012

post vacay blues

I haven't a clue why people always say, "oh, im so ready to be home again."
 i don't get that. not at all.
 i mean, home is wonderful but vacation is pretty much one of the top 5 words in
our english language!
if i could be on a permanent vacay with my lovely sea-town friends and family i
absolutely would be.

the fam and i had such a great time in seattle this past week. we got to see so many people that we love dearly and though its hard to leave again we are so grateful we were able to be.

wouldn't you miss the heck outta these girls too?
I mean look at them!
oh sure, they are giving their "im so sweet" smiles for this photo but talk about good, not so clean, laugh til your sides hurt, "yep she really just said that", fun!
or trouble,
depending on whose asking!!

well, you know it's time to go grocery shopping when your kids have eaten popcorn for breakfast and are asking if popcorn is for lunch too!!! 
No, it's not good to be home, not at all......