Thursday, July 19, 2012

it's ok

Its Ok Thursdays

it's ok that i haven't shaved my legs in 3 days, if i do it every day my husband wouldn't recognize me.

its ok not to like your dentist just coz he is a dentist, im gonna pretend its not his fault that his job has made him a mouth villain.

its okay to write a blog but not call your husband hubs in the posts

its ok to cry when you see a wedding on TV or a commercial that is sweet

its ok to go and buy yourself a watch when you really went to go buy new silverware

its ok to waste countless hours of reality television even though you should be doing laundry or anything else in the world

its ok to dance in the parking lot even when your kids plead with you to not be strange (im convinced they secretly love their weird mom)

its ok to say, "oh, i shouldn't" and then do it anyway

its ok to put on a dirty shirt and roll out

its ok that summer is cut short for my kids, i will have to make these days that much more special.

its okay to put a ban on all the normal rules in the summer and fly by the seat of your pants

its ok to sing karaoke and sound like a dying cat but think you're not half bad...

its ok for you to come on over and have a little brunch with amber today and waste a little morning time with me