Monday, July 23, 2012

my maui beach bag

this last week-end nicole from local sugar hawaii invited me on over to her corner of the blog world to guest post about whats in my beach bag.

i was happy to travel the pacific and spend a little time with her because as you know hawaii is my happy place and this summer we are skipping our usual maui trip for seattle so i needed a little of her local sugar love!

nicole has a fantastic blog-one of the first i found, started following and fell in love with. she sorta had me at hawaii, well, maybe it was sugar, any-hoo, check her out and return the aloha to my island girl for being so lovely here on the blog world and kind to her blogger friends.

oh, and speaking of seattle, i am officially on vacation! yee-haw!
that right there is the space needle smilin' at you. c'mon now, smile back.

Seattle’s city skyline at dusk

this basically means if you see me this week i may or may not have clean hair, shaved legs, the same shirt on for more than 2 days in a row or make-up within a 20 yard radius of my face.
oh, i should probably mention that there may be moments of flash mobbing minus the mob and it just being me.
just trying to keep it real and if you witness any of this behavior or unsightliness i suggest just looking away or carrying on-its only gonna last the week.....

peace out cub scout! *see* ya next week!