Monday, July 9, 2012

succulent wall garden UPDATE!

warning: this project may give you a huge head

i feel like a serious real life big girl right now.
hey y'all, like look what i can do- oh just make succulent boxes and keep them alive and stuff.
ya know, its not like i didn't believe in myself but i really just didn't believe in myself.

i felt like they were so pretty and almost too easy to create that i figured eventually they would either die or just never sprout and it would be a major bust.  however, my thumb is obviously boomin' green (that's a serious green, vibrantly green- crayola has no clue what this green is-its that green!) oh, and i'm totally bragging because look at my wall garden!

so about a week or so after i made my first succulent garden boxes our garden gal liz came by to check on other things happenin' in our yard. liz had just made her own garden box and was checking mine out. mine were chillin on their tables in the sun with about 5-7 more weeks until their wall debut.
well, this moment is what i imagine it would be like for a singer to stand in front of simon cowell and belt a tune. ok, well, maybe not as life changing as that, i do have a flair for dramatics. anyway, hang with me, this is going somewhere.....

ok, so back to holding my breath waiting for liz to tell me why my boxes wouldn't work and how they were wrong and how i was really kinda lame and should stick to my day job and get myself outta the garden. it was a very hurtful scenario where i would feel like a huge loser and i would run from my garden sobbing.
but, (always a but with me) liz kinda spent a minute picking around in my succulents, pulling off pieces and then she said, "this is really good kendra, you did it perfectly, this should be beautiful and ready to hang in about 6-8 weeks.......unless......" liz started to look at the chicken coop wiring and started picking around again. yes, yes liz, unless what???? is this where she says, "haaaaa, kidding, this sucks- dump it!" no. liz started to explain how i could hang this thing up tomorrow if i wanted to. liz is rad. period.

apparently all i had to do is go on down to jo-ann's fabrics and buy this box of greening pins and push one through the center of each succulent! i mean, i was spearing them and they still refused to give up life on me-we are bonded forever now.

lastly, you take some moss, weave it through the chicken wire being sure to get the moss around the base of each succulent (mostly the moss is so the dirt doesn't fall through the wire when you hang it as the pups will not have rooted yet) then hang it up on your wall and go on with life as if you are not an amazing bad ass garden girl. this last part is hard to do coz you feel rather special for a bit of time. you just have to kinda act normal. its a process.

anyway, just a few secrets for you instant gratification people like myself. i hope you try it, i hope you feel awesome about yourself and i hope you enjoy your succulent boxes all year long. now i must go and stare at my creation......