Tuesday, July 10, 2012

road maps

i recently ran across this photo that showed a mother and her absolutely flat (and tan) stomach and check out that caption.

i read this saying to a friend of mine and explained how i call my "stripes" my road map. 

i call it my road map because well, it's basically a map that says where i've been. 

it says i've been in labor and delivery-3 times.
i've been up nights nursing and rocking and soothing.
i've been to countless zoo's and and parks and chuck e. cheeses.
i've sat in pediatrician offices and held tiny hands while tears welled up during annual shots.
i've placed many candles on frosted cakes.
i've said no more times than you can imagine and yes probably more times than i shoulda.
i've tied laces and wiped faces.
i've clapped, cheered, given the, "i know you can do it" pep talks and the "oh man you were awesome" high fives.
it says i've hugged and loved harder than i even knew i ever could.
i've reasoned and bardered successfully and unsuccessfully.
ive worn wings and left money under pillows. ive hidden eggs and taken bites out of cookies left on santa plates.

i've been a mom.
my road map says i've earned my stripes. every. last. one.