Friday, June 14, 2013

tissue paper tassel garland diy & the hunt

this last week was full of rushing and running and planning and hair pulling-my own of course.
my biggest little turned 18 a few weeks ago and then decided to go and graduate high school last week.
big. deep. breath.
i was fine until i woke up in the middle of the night and as i rose from a deep slumber i was suddenly jarred with this thought- "oh shit. i have an 18 year old."

whoever stole all these years and hit this fast forward button on my lil's childhood best be watchin their back coz i am huntin for ya! i am also deceivingly strong and surprisingly feisty. i have stories. trust that.

oh, graduation?
oh no, no worries life, i'm fine.
i'm trying to stay on balance as you smack me upside my head then bring it back around with a kick in my back.
but really, i'm fine.

saturday was her graduation bbq.
the hawaiian and i had different visions.
in my head i saw blankets layered all over the backyard with us all sipping out of ball jars with pretty striped straws, burgers, fluffy pink cupcakes, garlands, tassels and strings of white bulb lights with the toasting of late afternoon s'mores.
he had a luau in mind.
once he started pulling down all her old decorations from her very 1st birthday i had to just walk away. must i tear up at everything?!

well, i decided i was still gonna add some of my vision to this par-tay.  i have been long been admiring the look of tissue paper tassels and i love me a craft project.
this one is really easy but yes, i swore at least once while creating these. i think i burned myself with the glue gun, can't remember, anyone else swear while crafting? nobody? it happens. it's okay.

fold tissue paper in half

cut strips to whatever width you'd like leaving about 1-2" at the top where your fold is.

looks like this when you are finished with your strips.

pull one sheet off and open it laying it flat like this.

start to roll like shown.

once rolled you start to twist the center.

once twisted you will loop it as shown.

some people tape their loop, i hot glued it because i don't like the look of the tape as much-apparently i would rather burn myself with the glue gun. this is where you swear.

string your tassels through twine, string, ribbon or whatever you'd like. 
love how these turned out! might have to make some for father's day and hang them in the man cave-muuaahhhhaaaa!!

oh, before i forget, aloha friday y'all!
now off to find that sorry sucka father time. he's goin' down!!

Monday, June 3, 2013

hello monday

it's time again to say hello to monday.

first i wannna quickly apologize to my blog. i feel so badly for ignoring you all week last week. i hope you forgive me, it's not lack of interest but simply lack of time. i'll be back in full swing soon after i do life for a bit. 

so, on to my hello's-

hello little girl who decided to go and grow 18 years in front of my eyes. i'm lying when i say i cant wait to watch you grow 18 more because truthfully i would like to bottle you up and keep you tiny.

 hello skinny little legs that played 3 soccer games this week-end that ran and ran and ran.

 hello santa barbara boxer sisters. she would have stayed and let you lean on her all day.

hello baby ducks sitting on the lily pads outside our hotel room. this is like where's waldo-do you see them?

hello tattoo shop. i tried to make her wait but after 2 years of wanting and an age that's legal, here we are...

hello favorite new video that has made me laugh and waste loads of time watching you over and over. not gonna lie, i've "cut the noose and got loose", in sherman oaks, santa barbara, la brea....taking this on the road!
prancercise video- well worth every.single.second.

my mondays are never nearly as fabulous as lisa's- check it out.
have a great monday!!