Monday, December 31, 2012

my exciting week off

i'm not the only one who takes sleeping and laying around seriously

what? huh?
it's already monday?
well, ya coulda told a girl a little earlier!!!

i've had the week off.
all together now (big deep breath...yay!!)
i've needed this week, could actually use more if ya wanna know the truth-i won't go into it but i needed it.

guess what i've done all week?
well, i did have a moment where i pulled myself together. by pulling it together i mean that i put a little baby powder in my roots to soak up the oil and put my hair in a nice messy bun to have date night with my biggest little and littlest little. we went to universal where we ate and then watched a movie. i was so happy to be back home in my bed by 10pm.
lame girl says whaaaat???

i think i went to the grocery store one of those days, or maybe i didn't. i can't recall really. i'm sure my kids some point.
i purposely planned nothing. nada. zilch. like, don't even bug me kids, phone, texts....

i laid in bed, i watched movies, i browsed the internet, i became one with my pajamas...i would probably be a bad stay at home mom but i was an awesome week off girl!
stellar performance by me, to say the least. feel free to submit me for any awards of this nature.

but it's new years eve and guess what we do for new years eve? we have people over. so, i plan on posting this here fabulous piece of reading material and then i will get on over to the grocery store and then clean my house just enough to have people over.

listen, i hope you all have a safe, happy and healthy new year. that first one is really important because so many people get ca-ray-zay and it just leads to no good.
sorry to get all mom on ya but ya know, it's how i do.

oh and this guy??? i'm so kissing him at midnight!!


now where did i put those party hats and stick on mustaches......

Friday, December 28, 2012

which resolution should i break?

hmmmm....what to do for a new years resolution??

well, i can choose from any of the below and they would all make a pretty good change.
help a sister out-which should i do? i'm only choosin one here so let's make it a good one.
we've got 3 days people!!!

-no more diet coke and red vines for lunch (well, not "no more" but maybe a little less than usual)
not my photo- see other people know the deal!!!

-get better at keeping up with my hair appointments. i loved when ombre was in, people thought i had the best ombre around.....hmmm, that would actually be a magnificent combo of laziness and roots. shhh, don't tell.

-watch less reality t.v. (this one sucks, please don't vote for this one, how else does one make themselves feel better about who they are?)

-use those just dance wii games a bit more. i should work on looking more like i am "breakin it down" than "broke down".

-make this cat have another expressions than the, "i live with idiots" look that he is clearly captain of. (seriously, enlarge the photo and check out that look-he hates us....)

-ease up on the sideline cheering at my daughter's soccer games. i get loud. 1st step is admitting it. i just get excited. maybe staying in my seat is a more attainable resolution here. 

-learn to play the harmonica. okay, not really, just seeing if you're still reading this.

really, maybe we should all be more like my mom pat who says, "i'm not doing a resolution, i'm perfect as i am, i like myself."

mama pat

maybe that's the best resolution of all. like yourself the way you are. 
red vines for everyone!!!

Thursday, December 27, 2012

what i got for christmas

i love seeing everyone's photos of all their beautiful gifts.
sweaters, new boots, bikes, those jeans they've been eyeing for months....

well, i must have been real good this year.

lookit what i got!!!

jury duty!!!
can you guess my real reaction?

A. yaya!! so freakin excited!

B. well, this sucks!

C. meh, whatcha gonna do?!

well, if you guessed B then you'd be absolutely right!

i know.
it's my duty.
i'm an american.
doesn't make it suck any less.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

pink and plaid

i'm not letting go of my pale pink pants yet. 
i know it's december and they should be buried in the back of my closet waiting for the sun to come out and tell them it's okay to hang out on me again. 

but i think that's rude. 
ya know, to shun them just because they aren't winter enough.

oh no pink pants, dont you worry! you can hang out all year with me. 
i (sadly) follow no rules. you can snuggle up with my coral nail polish and the flip flops i wore the other day to the market. both of which apparently should not be on me, near me or anywhere around me in december. 
i hope that show fashion police don't show up at my door anytime soon but if they do I will gladly give them a beautiful coral mani-for the road of's my kind way of saying, "beat it"!

Monday, December 24, 2012

wrappin it up!

can you believe it's here? it's finally time? my kids have asked EVERY DAY since december 1st if they could unwrap a gift. every dang day.
partially this is my fault and partially it's that hawaiians fault.

the hawaiian man cannot (cannot!) wait when he has a gift or a secret. he must tell. he must hint and he must let you open early. so, you see, the kids know this weakness and work it. every single day starting from december 1st.

i start wrapping as early as possible. 
it's amazing how 3 sets of little eyes can "happen" upon the areas of nestled gifts a'hiding but cannot find darn near anything else on a daily basis without yelling, "moooooooom", at the top of their lungs for help 3 rooms away!
so, i start early and then they see the boxes and little imaginations start to swell and soon the begging begins. 
oh, this year, they started in on the whole, "well, ya know the world is gonna end so if we wait then all your shopping and pretty wrapping will be for nothin'!" 

see, really it's both our faults.

this year i decided that i would not fizzle out on the gift wrapping. i would make every gift pretty. oh the begging that has ensued simply because of my feathers, bells, glitter and confetti! just for the record, it doesn't get any less annoying whether the gift is wrapped in beautiful paper and bows or snot. well, i didn't really wrap any gifts in snot, that was maybe a bad analogy. 

anyway, here are some of my fav's. 

i hope you all have a fabulous christmas eve and christmas day or whatever it is you celebrate!!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

awkward family photo 2012

the last time we had a (professional) family photo taken you ask?? ......hmmmm....crickets, crickets.

here's the deal. i gave up long ago trying to keep faces clean and hair-did's all in place.
i gave up. 

this year i have decided that if you wanna give me some crazy family photo, wear shoes or not, show up in your afro wig without a shirt, put the bunny ears up over my head or just text the entire time then that is what the people will get in their mailboxes. 

yep, us. 
unedited, in all our glory.

however, mama will make you wear matching sweater vests that are farrrr from cute. 
oh, and p.s. i know you like to make fun of my antique marionette dolls but i like them! 
watch it or i may just lay one beside you in bed so you will wake up next to it. 
im not above scarring my children.....keeps therapists in business.

our awkward family photo 2012.

*special thanks to Oatmeal the cat for wearing the mini santa hat with beard, for not running away and for putting up with your strange 2 legged's.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

what i wore-and a lil design candii!!!

last week i got to model a new line of studded beanies!!

it was so much fun!
i was worried they didn't get good pics because i was clearly not the most professional model on the block, but tell me you don't wanna reach through the screen and rip that pink hat offa my head and roll out with it?!!
oh, for the record, i'd fight ya and i'd win.

but really, i'm not a fighter (clearly) and i really want you to have your very own ggb custom studded beanie!!
i want this for you soooo bad that i got these cute girlies to work up a custom discount code just for you!
see, a lover not a fighter ova here!
simply add kendrakay (hey, that's me!) when you check out and reap the benefits of my love oh and 10% off!!

oh, there are some other great colors as well and they have studded phone cases that i drool over!
like, slobbery, not so pretty and certainly not something to brag about drool!
remember my gold and black case? gorgie right? you can get custom cases at and they are the cutest!

so because i know you are so sick of hearing about my lack of saliva control and just wanna see the goods already-here ya go!

sorry in advance for some blurry shots- we were laughing and well, it is what it is.

now listen, that coupon code isn't good for forever ya know and although the hat wouldn't make it under your tree in time for christmas it's still a great gift.
oh, i know what you can do! you can just print this fantastic pic of me- ya know, the last one here where my tongue is out, and put it in a nice little box and tell them it's on it's way!
okay, maybe don't print that picture....

have fun shopping and don't forget to enter your coupon code!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

i cant ignore it...

i wanted to. not because i am heartless but because it is so painful for me to even think about. yet i can't stop thinking about it. 

my heart breaks and my eyes swell. 

to sit here and shake my head and think why?

any of those kids could have been mine. could have been yours. yet, our's are safe today.

as i sit here and write this post i hear the, "thump, thump, thump", of the basketball hitting the pavement outside my back door. i hear my littlest little giggling and running, squealing when she makes a basket. 

today i am so grateful for my littles and their safety.

it's important to take a minute and send connecticut all the love you have in your heart to spare.
if you send it, they will feel it.
connecticut, your littles will not be forgotten.

Monday, December 17, 2012

short stuff

ahh, it's monday.
im tellin ya i could hardly get myself up today.
yesterday was my 6th annual cookie exchange holiday party at my house and as usual we had a great time!
i say it every year, i know, but this year was the best. it's such a fun mix of girls.
oh, i would love to attack you with all the amazing photos but uh, yeah, my camera was doing everything wrong. it's suppose to be a great camera and i could probably pick up that manual some day and figure it out but who reads manuals??? 

but i do have this fun pic of me and one of my favorites!!!
yes those are our jazz hands- whats a par-tay without them?

so, today this post is much shorter than planned but whatcha gonna do huh?
alright people, go on now, get yer monday on. whatever that means.

Friday, December 14, 2012

my iphones eye

i haven't done a "what my phone saw" post for so long and a few people have told me they are their fav's...hmmm...who knew??

living in l.a. you can't help but get some pretty fun photos so without further ado and with aloha friday on the brain here ya are!
umm...okay, here goes nuthin'!

bro, i promise nobody is gonna steal your turquoise purse

l.a. has robots- what's your city got huh? huh?

so true

occasionally i will lose mine so this is good to know


what? my ears get cold....

no, you're pulled up all the way, go ahead and park

prettiest sunset from my front door

so ready for the apocalypse

does this bark make my butt look big???

middle little and an afternoon text

have a heckuva week-end ya hear??!!