Friday, December 28, 2012

which resolution should i break?

hmmmm....what to do for a new years resolution??

well, i can choose from any of the below and they would all make a pretty good change.
help a sister out-which should i do? i'm only choosin one here so let's make it a good one.
we've got 3 days people!!!

-no more diet coke and red vines for lunch (well, not "no more" but maybe a little less than usual)
not my photo- see other people know the deal!!!

-get better at keeping up with my hair appointments. i loved when ombre was in, people thought i had the best ombre around.....hmmm, that would actually be a magnificent combo of laziness and roots. shhh, don't tell.

-watch less reality t.v. (this one sucks, please don't vote for this one, how else does one make themselves feel better about who they are?)

-use those just dance wii games a bit more. i should work on looking more like i am "breakin it down" than "broke down".

-make this cat have another expressions than the, "i live with idiots" look that he is clearly captain of. (seriously, enlarge the photo and check out that look-he hates us....)

-ease up on the sideline cheering at my daughter's soccer games. i get loud. 1st step is admitting it. i just get excited. maybe staying in my seat is a more attainable resolution here. 

-learn to play the harmonica. okay, not really, just seeing if you're still reading this.

really, maybe we should all be more like my mom pat who says, "i'm not doing a resolution, i'm perfect as i am, i like myself."

mama pat

maybe that's the best resolution of all. like yourself the way you are. 
red vines for everyone!!!