Wednesday, December 26, 2012

pink and plaid

i'm not letting go of my pale pink pants yet. 
i know it's december and they should be buried in the back of my closet waiting for the sun to come out and tell them it's okay to hang out on me again. 

but i think that's rude. 
ya know, to shun them just because they aren't winter enough.

oh no pink pants, dont you worry! you can hang out all year with me. 
i (sadly) follow no rules. you can snuggle up with my coral nail polish and the flip flops i wore the other day to the market. both of which apparently should not be on me, near me or anywhere around me in december. 
i hope that show fashion police don't show up at my door anytime soon but if they do I will gladly give them a beautiful coral mani-for the road of's my kind way of saying, "beat it"!