Friday, December 7, 2012

aloha and the festive pimp lean

in case ya haven't clued in here to my friday thang, every friday is aloha friday.

i don't know anyone who doesn't love them some friday do you? 
honestly, as your friend, if you know someone who doesn't love friday they probably also don't like puppies, babies and rainbows so i would walk away from them-real fast.

this week-end i have lots of aloha-in' to do:

-gotta get on some of my christmas wrapping. i've started a little. this is a long drawn out process but, i have been googling, pinteresting, stalking, and i think i have some good ideas.
this is a must-do this week-end coz i gots 3 sets of eyes that keep "happening" into the area i store gifts.
here is a sneak peek.

-tomorrow morning my littlest littles soccer play-offs begin. can ya cross a few fingers and toes in the name of the wasabi girls for me? they deserve to win- they play like tough girls and win like tough girls.

-i almost have all my christmas decorations up. i'm so behind this year but at least i'm not one of those wacko's that puts her christmas decor up in october...ahem, my sister tory.
but check it-my tree has swag! have you ever seen such a sweet pimp lean?!

i'm gonna leave you to your week-end with a few things:

first, i'm gonna give a shout out to my daughter's school computer class.
they pull up my blog and (i think) they actually read it.
whatsuppp period 6 computers!!! 
hey kids, be sure and do all your work before you read the blog (pssst, i had to say that so your teacher will like me and not flunk my littlest little who definitely deserves an 'a' right???).

second, if you have been to maui and never gone up to haleakala to watch the sunrise you might be missing out on one of the most gorgeous experiences in your life. but of course your girl here has got yo back!

check out this link and watch how the sun wakes up the little island of maui. 
haleakala sunrise
happy aloha friday friends!