Sunday, December 9, 2012

yummy gifts from me to you!!

hey y'all!!
i don't usually do week-end posts but seriously, i'm not even gonna pretend coz i just wanna show off.
check out my new custom made phone case by design candii!!
best part?? these are custom made by hand by a fabulously chic high school girl!!


ca-yute! right?
check out this lil entrepreneurs etsy shop and all her styles and tell me you don't wanna support this girly?

oh, and she has extended the cut off date FOR JUST TODAY (12 midnight) to receive one of these awesome cases by christmas!
all YOU gotta do is put my name "kendra kay" in the notes when checking out so that you get special christmas delivery! oh, and free shipping (see coupon code below!)- i mean come on!!

below is the link to start shopping and finish those last minute gifts.
now go on, get up outta here and go shop! you can thank me later when you open your gift!

 Instagram: @designcandii