Wednesday, December 19, 2012

what i wore-and a lil design candii!!!

last week i got to model a new line of studded beanies!!

it was so much fun!
i was worried they didn't get good pics because i was clearly not the most professional model on the block, but tell me you don't wanna reach through the screen and rip that pink hat offa my head and roll out with it?!!
oh, for the record, i'd fight ya and i'd win.

but really, i'm not a fighter (clearly) and i really want you to have your very own ggb custom studded beanie!!
i want this for you soooo bad that i got these cute girlies to work up a custom discount code just for you!
see, a lover not a fighter ova here!
simply add kendrakay (hey, that's me!) when you check out and reap the benefits of my love oh and 10% off!!

oh, there are some other great colors as well and they have studded phone cases that i drool over!
like, slobbery, not so pretty and certainly not something to brag about drool!
remember my gold and black case? gorgie right? you can get custom cases at and they are the cutest!

so because i know you are so sick of hearing about my lack of saliva control and just wanna see the goods already-here ya go!

sorry in advance for some blurry shots- we were laughing and well, it is what it is.

now listen, that coupon code isn't good for forever ya know and although the hat wouldn't make it under your tree in time for christmas it's still a great gift.
oh, i know what you can do! you can just print this fantastic pic of me- ya know, the last one here where my tongue is out, and put it in a nice little box and tell them it's on it's way!
okay, maybe don't print that picture....

have fun shopping and don't forget to enter your coupon code!