Tuesday, December 4, 2012

sugar cookie bars

so how do you feel about eating stuff that doesn't taste good?
well then you are gonna love a whole lotta me today!
try this recipe. do it.
i will gladly accept virtual hugs as thank yous for the change i am about to make in your waistline lives.

sugar cookie bars

there are tons of versions of this recipe out there and i will say i am not an almond flavoring girl but it really is a whole different cookie when you add the almond. 
trust in the love i am sharing with y'all today and add the almond!!!

what i also la la love about this recipe is that not only is it easy peasy, it makes a huge amount aaaaand you can change the frosting color and sparkly sprinkles to suit the holiday or event. duh. but ya know, sometimes we forget the obvious.

oh p.s.- i only bake mine for 10 minutes max-keeps 'em moist.
happy licking your fingers.