Tuesday, October 15, 2013

d.i.y. sharpie mugs with tips!!

this is not a new concept, these mugs, plates, whatever have practically been around since the reagan era but last time i did them i made a few mistakes so i never posted them.

one learns from her mistakes and shares so that we can all drink our coffee, tea (or wine, shhh, i won't tell) out of these handcrafted mugs that show off our talents and personalities. right?!

this time i have tips:

- i bought some cheap mugs. can you say, "dollar, dollar tree y'all"? 
good. go there. they are, you guessed it, a dolla! you want the mugs to be cheap because it means the glaze isn't high end therefore a sharpie will stick to it better in the end.

- i cleaned the cups so that dust, dirt, oil from hands, etc. isn't left behind. i'm not calling your hands dirty but...ya know. wash those too.

- once fully dry you can take a sharpie and do your thang. if you mess up, use glass cleaner to remove your sharpie and start over. 
*fine tip sharpies fade after baking and you should use a thicker tip sharpie for filling in when you're coloring bubble letters or objects. if you really want to ensure yourself no fading, wiping off or coming off in the dishwasher you can buy the paint pens that are meant for ceramics.

- let your masterpieces sit for 24 hours. i don't know how important this is but i was told to do it, so i did it. no, i wouldn't jump off a bridge if someone told me too.....i'm sure, smartass.

- place mugs in oven first and then turn your oven on to 425 (not 350) so that the mugs heat up with the oven. remember your mugs only cost a dollar you cheapskate so if you put them in when the oven is already heated, they may crack. 

- after 30 minutes turn oven off and allow the oven to completely cool before you take your mugs out.

- hand wash these. some say you can put these in the dishwasher after following the above tips but i haven't especially since i used fine tip sharpies.
*some people say they've put a clear finish (at hardware stores in spray paint section) but i didn't jump off that bridge, it sounded a little too toxic to me.

-enjoy. hide yo wine in them, sip your tea from them, guzzle your caffeine from them or just display them, coz their cute!

hope you have success, otherwise, you ain't heard nothin from me.....


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