Monday, October 7, 2013

oh hey there monday!

if there was any way to bribe ya and send ya away for just one more day i would- don't take it personally.

don't you always feel like ya need just one more day? one more sleep in,  one more morning sipping your coffee in bed, one more day to just be?

the weekend was a beautiful one. i did a little more crafting, baking, cleaning, costume shopping, soccer game cheering and general taxi work. ya know, the basics for a typical week-end in october.

have ya ever had a mango on a stick at the soccer park?
never? well then you must say hello!

and while you're here and all warmed up,

hello new halloween coffee mug-
the makings of this mug, and it's friends, up on the blog soon.

hello game of i spy-
i spy a cat, watching birds, longing to get out and have a lil breakfast.

hello label maker-
found my grandpa's old label maker, remember these? anyone? bueller? bueller?
well, it made my whole day.

hello pumpkin bread-
i added a top to you.
i think i like you better topless. (save the "that's what he said jokes"-dirty people!)
more on this later.

hello pumpkin-
no, i don't mean you.
i mean that, there, below.
it's fun to be back with you in the kitchen again.
we do good things together you and i.

week-ends. sigh. you are so good to us.
happy monday to you all. here is to the start of a fabulous week!

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