Thursday, October 3, 2013

today i have something special just for you!

good morning y'all!
i don't normally post on thursdays so i can only imagine that you are all wondering what is goin' on up in this blogosphere!

well, ya know, it's so close to halloween and i do love treats, so i was thinking that you all deserved the kind that doesn't give you cavities, or a sugar high followed by a crash, 
or any extra junk in the trunk. 
i'm thoughtful like that (says the girl wiping sugary specks of skittles off her face).

okay, truth be told, this treat comes from the please line.
because my readers (perk up here because i'm talkin bout you!) sent me so many questions about the please line, they have given y'all a discount code. yay!!! in case you missed all the hooplah-check this out!

this code is good from now until friday midnight.
use code: #kendrakayp to receive 20% off your please apparel purchase.  

it's such a great message! how could you not buy, wear and share?