Tuesday, October 8, 2013

wreathy cute! (so i'm not the best at post titles)

i had been thinking about making a university of washington front door wreath for like ev-ah, and since my hawaiian bleeds purple and gold (truly) and since the dawgs are kickin ass and takin names faster than i can heat up my glue gun i thought i best do this thing! 

i am also severely behind schedule on all things fall décor. by the way, this lil craft project is from 2 weeks ago so i'm behind on posts as well and we won't go into saturday's game. let's just say that at one point i video taped the conversation my hawaiian had with the refs and the players. oh yes, hand motions, words, hand motions......few more words. they can hear him ya know.

i need to start the halloween stuff this week but i haven't even had a chance to spend time thinking about september even being here and now it's october!
i'm still wearing shorts and spraying my littles with spf as they rush past me jumping hurdles to avoid the sun protection 100 spray coming at their lil white (hawaiian??) bodies.
why do kids hate getting spf'd? is it just mine?
i made a wreath, i made a wreath (<----you should sing that, not read that).

i'm not leaving real instructions but first, i do strongly suggest you start with festive shoes and a witch hat while you pick out your team colors, and to answer your thoughts, yes, i would have bought a pair if the shoes had fit.

this is all supplies ya need.

lil paint, lil sparkle.

the look of tied fabric strips isn't really my style or decor 
but it was easy so i was sold!

every week the game and time is displayed here
so don't even think about knockin',
unless you have beer, and chips, then you can knock.

whose house?

and then the board changes to the final score
until next week when it starts all over again.
love me some husky football!!

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