Tuesday, January 29, 2013

get out ma face january!

i'm so over january. it's cold, it's long, it's boring, what's the point?
i'm ready for february-bring it on!
february has valentines day. its the month of love. how does that not make you smile??

so, it's a bit early and yes, i know i am looking just like the department stores-you know, the ones that haul out their shamrocks on january 1st, or start to display their pumpkins in august.

i'm just ready to get my valentines on!

kissin january buh-bye!! see ya!

my diy tassel bag here

if anyone needs the time, just ask....

oh, checkie out my sweet valentine....

 february is some kinda awesome right??!

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the devil made me do it...

i'm sitting here tonight trying to watch the bachelor before the hawaiian gets home. he hates monday nights because it's on and i gotta watch.
is it bad that i watch it mostly for the mean girls and cat fights? 
i love to gasp and murmur, "if my daughter ever!!....." 

anyway, got myself all off subject there. not that i have a real subject planned here but i will show you a really fun girl gift idea!! yay right?!

my biggest littles friend elizabeth (whoa, say that 10 times fast) loves eos lip balm. so, my girl decided she wanted to get a pretty glass jar and fill it up for her birthday gift. such a cute idea but uh, ya know, i am always looking at things wondering if it just might be a lil cuter with some glitter, or possibly some custom glass etching maybe??

i have been wanting to use my glass etch solution for foreva' but have you read the label on that stuff? scared the hecks outta me! 
it basically says, "if you let this burning, devil like solution touch you, you do it at your own risk and we are not responsible for your skin falling off your hand nor your stupidity!" signed, the caring glass etching solution factory workers. (they are so rude!) 

well, i like to look the devil in the eye and say, "uh, i have rubber gloves sucka!!"
so, after i did all that, i started my project.....

i used my cricut machine and made a huge 'e' then stuck it on the glass

then you just put on them there pretty gloves and paint. 

seriously though, that solution will start to burn off whatever it is touching so wear the pretty gloves.
let that chemical warfare solution sit for 15 minutes or so and wash off. peel off the sticker and feel all professional and artist-like because you earned it. 
that was dangerous work!

oh, i got all kinds of excited and started grabbing random glass containers.
i am slightly worried about how many plain glass containers i was hoarding....but look how handy they became!

you can't see the etching in the pic but it's cute, just trust me on this one. cute.

i hope i didn't scare you off from glass etchin, it's not that dangerous really. i was being dramatic but just wear the gloves k?.... 

Monday, January 28, 2013

why i am the most perfect mom...ever

--i totally won't let my kids eat sugar
 (after 11pm at night)

--we have a strict rule of no t.v. or video games
(unless they are bored)

--of course they all know we always wash our hands before dinner
(i believe in the honor system...if they say they did it....)

--no dessert until after dinner
(unless the dessert has something healthy in it, say milk or ice)

--no, we don't "act a fool" in public
(unless snoop dog, sir mix-a-lot, or jay z's tunes are thumpin'-it's only appropriate)

--there is no wiping your snot on anything but a tissue
(if i don't see you then you can wipe it on anything just don't let me see where you wiped it)

--there is no puking allowed in restaurants
(oops-pictures are available but i just wouldn't do that to you....)

--i would never bribe my kids to do anything.
(negotiations however are different)

--we always act appropriate and don't scratch body parts in public
(if you got a bad ass sunburn at the beach and must lift the back of your skirt to take care of the itch, well, you at least do it at night where maybe not everyone will see- just your son and the camera man...and now all of you.)

--i pride myself on being an amazing role model
(self explanatory-see above AND below))

--we never talk to strangers
(unless we are at the park, they have hula hoops and a boom box, that's a different story)

--we save "dress up" strictly for inside the home
(well, there is new years eve, monday, tuesday, wednesday...)

i know, you wonder "how does she do it"??
well, i don't just wake up naturally being this perfect of a mom, it takes years of messing up, uh, i mean perfection....i should probably hold week-end seminars. i'll look into that-stay tuned.

Friday, January 25, 2013


i love these
you can buy them here
you can even have them make you a custom one

Creative Notecards Historical Events
Creative Notecards Historical Events

Creative Notecards Historical Events
Creative Notecards Historical Events
Creative Notecards Historical Events
Creative Notecards Historical Events
Creative Notecards Historical Events

Start Trek Trekkies Twilight
i KNEW unicorns were real!

hope they were good for a laugh! 
happy aloha friday yo!!

linking up with some fun girls this aloha friday!
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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

when i wore the squirrel tail

so my biggest little hates (HATES-and you know i hardly eva' capitalize) this fur collar i have.

she says it looks like i have a squirrel tail around my neck. i kinda agree. i like to think of it more like a lucky raccoon tail??? not buyin' it? well, whatever, i like it and i can't explain.

ugggh, i hate taking these type of photos- i always feel like such a tool standing there posing.
i make my son take most of these, i know he'd rather not but he is a patient kid and makes me laugh.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

nice to meet you!

today i am co-hosting the nice to meet you blog hop. yay! 
thanks mariely and brenna for letting me in on your fun this week!

before you link up and start makin new friends I thought I would share with you what I did sunday night...
i know, i gets all kinds of car-a-zay! some may even say downright wild!

 my son.with a beard. whoa.
 my mom. with a beard. whoa.
my dad. my dad thinks he should replace mr. grant. he thinks he looks stellar.
 my Hawaiian. he barely put up with the 20 shots i took to make this look just right.
 he looks like a vampire huh?!

my cat. im pretty sure he is plotting my death right now.
geez! relax much feline??!
Oh the fun you can have with fiddy bucks or a mere twenny dolla bill!!
thanks for reading, thanks for linking and nice to meet ya!!!
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